Hi I’m Lisa and I’m One Tough Muther!

“I grew up in Flint, Michigan, one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. When my husband and I first got married, we didn’t have a lot of money and the street we lived on was lined with crack houses, drug dealers, and prostitutes. We called the police almost daily, but they rarely showed up. I lived in constant fear of being robbed or hurt. I was married and had my son during my senior year of college. Despite being a new wife and having a newborn at home, I went back to school, studied hard and got my bachelor’s degree in English. My little family moved six times in the first six years of my son’s life before we found a place to call home.

In January of 2016, I was diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I received chemotherapy for four months and went into remission. One month after going into remission, I was diagnosed with Bleomycin Lung Toxicity, which is a potential side of effect of one of the chemotherapy drugs that diminishes lung functioning and is potentially fatal. After 2 months on steroids, my lungs improved and I was finally on the path to healing.

Despite all of these obstacles life has thrown at me, I feel so lucky. My family’s love has given me a solid foundation and armed me with the tools I have needed to overcome. I’m One Tough Muther because, with the love of my family, I am strong and persevere.”

One Tough Muther Lisa        Instagram: girlsonchemo


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