Welcome Tough Muther Lisa, Co-Host of the CBS Radio/Podcast, The One Tough Muther Show!

~ “Lisa, H-E-L-P!” “Lisa, I need your advice.” “Lisa, what am I supposed to do about the Holidays?” Ugh, please can someone make a decision?

Yes, I was the one everyone came to; everyone’s rock, including family. But even a rock can crack. My parents have a fairytale marriage that I longed for but guess what … life is NOT a fairytale. I did everything for everyone else but myself. Why? Because I didn’t think I was WORTHY of love. Years and $$$ worth of therapy confirmed this.

I am a singer & study with one of the top coaches. I worked at Epic Records in A&R with some of the greatest artists including Celine Dion; then Pepsi-Cola in Marketing. After, I became the Marketing Director of an iconic NY rock station and then went into radio sales for that station. I sold radio for Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, Imus, Sean Hannity, Joan Hamburg, and many more. I was one of the top Salespeople in NYC. Then I left to pursue my love of TV sales for Cablevision. And again, I was one of the top in the NY market. SO … why did I constantly need approval? Why weren’t my accomplishments enough?

Let’s get back to the fairy tale. In the beginning of all this I met a man, fell in love and got married despite all the red flags. Why? Because again, I did what I thought I was supposed to do.

SELF-ESTEEM … most people don’t know what it means until they realize they don’t have it. And I didn’t. Despite ALL my success, I personally NEVER felt like I was good enough. I always looked for approval. My ex was physically, mentally and verbally abusive. There was a time I thought, “This is it, you’re going to be choked to death.” And guess what…after that it still took me three more months to leave.

But I did leave. With the help of friends, I found the courage to walk out the door. As a result of this I NEVER, EVER, EVER want another woman to feel she ISN’T WORTHY, that she has no self-esteem, that she deserves to be a punching bag or told what to do.

You are worthy. You are deserving. You can survive anything. You are strong … because like me, you are One Tough Muther.

Photo Compliments of Teresa Pyskaty

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