I recently saw A distant family member that I haven’t seen in roughly ten years at a family party. When she saw me she called me by my sisters name. I corrected her, it was an honest mistake my sister and I are close in age. She then later on called me by my sisters name a second time, in which i corrected her once again. Well she did it a third time and continued to call me the wrong name the rest of the night but this time I let it slide.She’s not old in age so i’m not sure why it was so difficult. It wasn’t a big deal to me, she only spoke to me a hand full of times that night. I figured I won’t see her for probably another 10 years any way. When I told my sister she said I should have kept correcting her. It’s not a big deal but what do you do in those situations?

Dear Smokey,

I have to agree with you on this one. if after 3 times of correcting her she couldn’t grasp it, then she wasn’t going to. What should you have done, insisted she call you by the correct name by humiliating her with repeated corrections?
True story. About 4 months ago I had a class with this guy who reminded me of a man named Bruce I knew years ago. I called this guy BRUCE at least 6 times and he corrected me all 6 times and said names Ed. I was so embarrassed. There was so much going on in the class I just wasn’t giving his name my full attention and kept screwing it up. Finally about 3 hours into the class I said “Ed can you please pass me a form?” He just sat there. I said “excuse me Ed can you please pass me a form?” no response. Then suddenly he turned and said “are you talking to me?” I said “yes” he said “sorry I liked the way you said Bruce better and got use to you calling me that so I wasn’t sure” and passed me the form with a smile.
Smokey there was probably a lot going on around her and she wasn’t fully paying attention. If it didn’t bother you and is was no big deal, hey whatever.
However Girl, if someone is writing your name on a check, always make sure they are calling you by the proper name!

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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