I am falling for a woman I work with very closely every single day. We are both single and I can feel the tension, however our office forbids it. Should I chance it and keep it a secret? I don’t want to miss out on something wonderful.

Dear John,

Chance it Dude, life and love is short. If you are both single, and ONLY if you are both single and feel the same way chance it.
It is just so hard now a days to meet people you have something in common with, know something about and trust.
However, warning, warning warning big pit fall coming, if things don’t work out and the “tension” turns to torture, you still have to work closely together and that could be hell.
Take it slow and make sure this is what you BOTH think it is and not just flirtatious fun or someone will be looking for a new job.

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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