Welcome to my FIRST One Tough Muther Write and Whine Blog, I’m shocked that someone showed up.

I know you may find this hard to believe but, I am not a professional writer. No, it’s true, I swear (a lot) and I guarantee that it is something you will discover relatively soon, so I might as well tell you up front.

Ok, down to brass tacks… I’ve read several blogs and believe that most blogs are 90% comprised of opinion. Oh, there are some blogs that have heavily cited facts, but whew, I blew right past those. I think of a blog as a radio talk show, where people blow their own horns and spew their sentiments as a few passion pushers jump in, with their poignant points of view. Perfect for Muther!

Okay, it’s time to get started, but first I have to outline a few rules that come with reading Muther’s blog:

  1. If you’re a member of the grammar Gestapo, I suggest you leave, move on, run along or get out while you can. Much to the disapproval of my brilliant and beautiful daughter, I write like I talk, including the random unexplained typos. My style is a Jersey attitude carefully stirred and not shaken, with an 11-year splash of attitudes from around the world. This is one advantage of being a former military wife, so put a fork in it kid if you’re looking for excellence, it’s done.
  1. If you become a regular, a once a week reader, you will be subjected to my temper tantrums and oscillating opinions. I will try to back up anything that I declare “fact” by delivering a documented dose of proof, facts…but don’t hold your breath.
  1. If you have an opposing opinion, that’s great, bring it, but I don’t care. You are welcome to call me out, puke out a post or berate me at the speed of Tim Ferriss’s speed reading blog, but seriously, I don’t care.
  1. Fourth and most important, I am the MUTHER. Before you speak make sure you ask yourself these simple questions. Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? Remember, Muther feels that, those who stir the pot, should have to lick the spoon. This blog is the way it is because…. I say so.

Have a wonderful day and stop back next Wednesday…it’s about to get real.

As for today, I’m out of whine…so I’m out.

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