Dear one tough Muther,

I used to be really heavy and with diet and exercise I lost 110 pounds. My question is about dating. I am going on dates and I was wondering if I should mention that I used to be 110 pounds heavier. Should I keep it to myself or mention it. I think it’s something important that needs to be told and I think it ranks up there with the fact that I have a child. Or not? What do you think?

Dear Tammy,

Congratulations losing that much weight took self discipline and commitment.
It is a struggle that so many of us go through.
In my opinion no, if you are only dating I don’t see any reason to bring it up.
Your previous weight did not define who you were as a person, you are you.
However, if you feel it’s something about yourself you personally would like to share then, do.
But not on the first date, let that person get to know you a little be better first.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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