Dear one tough muther,

Friends of ours that we only see maybe once a year just got married with a private ceremony on the beach. They only invited family and close friends. We are invited to the reception, which I just noticed on the invite says “held at park pavilion”. My question is what is an appropriate gift to give? or money ?if money, how much would you recommend? Thank you

Dear Norma,

I think that money or a gift card, is always a wise wedding gift choice. I usually buy a beautiful picture frame and place a gift card in the middle of the frame, under the glass. Has the couple been living together? Is there a registry? If they have been living together, there is a good chance that they have accumulated some household items and if there is no registry, it may be hard to pick out a gift that they may want or need. So I say go green or gift card.
Norma, as to the amount you should give, give what you can afford, without a second thought. Since you weren’t close enough friends to be invited to the actual wedding, I would probably give $200.00. That is exactly what I gave as a gift, when attended a “friend’s” wedding reception, that was in a casual park pavilion. If they are close friends and it isn’t a strain, $300.00 is a generous sum.
Remember, you have been invited to celebrate their special day with them because you are friends. Being there with them is also a part of your gift, so enjoy.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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