I am graduating high school this year and am considering enlisting in the Army. My mom wants me to go to college and acts like enlisting would kill her. I don’t know which path to take.

Dear Rich,

You are faced with a very tough decision. Are you ready for college? Do you have good grades and are you financially able to handle the overwhelming cost. I know all to well about the debt that poor young people incur with college loans, it is overwhelming. Then once these poor kids get out of college, degrees in hand, they can’t find jobs and to pay the loans.
However, going into the Army may not be the right direction either. Do you have any idea what training or job you would like to be trained for in the Army? You realize that if you don’t receive specialized training when you get out of the military you are in the same boat, no job and fighting for a job in a market of kids with degrees.
This is my suggestion and what usually works for me, make a list on paper or in the computer of all the pros and cons of each path. Take a day or two and fill it in the very best you can. Then once it is done what do you have? You will have a clearer understanding of what is involved with going toward either path.
Rich, you can always go to school and then enlist in the military as an officer. Take courses in college that once you have enlisted in the the military, the government will help you farther your education. OR enlist in the Army for a few years and go to college once you get out. There are so many options I am sure your head is spinning but in reality it is YOUR decision.
I am sure that what ever you decide you will decide wisely, because you cared enough to write and you are considerate of your Mother’s feelings, which shows maturity.
Best of luck my friend and congratulations on your graduation. Whatever you choose you will make your parents proud.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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