Sometimes I think I am a up tight or grumpy person. My husband just volunteered our couch to his cousin who is coming up for a weekend visit in a few weeks..My husband didn’t talk it over with me or anything.This cousin is surprising the family except us so I happened to ask my husband,where is he staying? My husband said he told him he could stay here at our home on the couch but he doesn’t know whats going on yet. My first thought was, oh hell no, because then I think more work for me, we have three kids, no guest room, I’d have to cook every meal for this man. But I didn’t want to seem b*tchy or grumpy so I’ve been keeping my mouth shut. Do you think I need to chill a bit?

Dear Kriss,

I don’t think you are wither, grumpy or up tight but I do think you are in need of some cooperation and consideration.
Your husbands heart was in the right place when it comes to family however you are a family and he could have run it by you first. I mean would you offer your cousin the couch for a weekend without consulting your husband first?
From the undertone of the letter you are the chief cook and bottle washer and as a result he should have considered your part and run it past you.

It’s simple, tell your husband he will need to be hands on with the cousin, help pick up, cook and make his stay nice or next time you may not want him to stay. As a family you should all be working together daily and this situation is no exception.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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