Hey one tough Muther!

Recently my children, especially my youngest who is 6, have been asking questions about God, Jesus, Adam & Eve ect.. I grew up going to church but my kids do not attend any church and that is because I am just not comfortable going, I’d just rather not go. So I find kid friendly videos and movies explaining all there questions. Do you think i am robbing them of a church experience? Or do you agree with how I am teaching them about all that as long as they are learning ?

Dear Mother,

I understand your uncomfortable feeling in church. I personally have always been uncomfortable with the church experience. i attribute that feeling to growing up with fellow church members who displayed; do what I say, not as I do, behavior.
If you are answering your children’s questions and they are satisfied with the answers, then I feel you are doing a great job.
Children are very in tuned to our feelings and if you have issues or anxiety about going to church they will pick up on that.
Understanding religion, feeling free to ask questions and getting those questions answered is what is important here, not where it takes place.
In my opinion you are correct to continue with what is working for you and don’t worry about robbing them of the “church experience”,  religion is about learning how to worship God, not where.

May God bless you and your family


One Tough Muther

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