Dear One tough Muther,

Obviously a student dating her high school teacher is wrong. But what if you graduate and you contact your once high school teacher? Unrelated to school work. I’m 18 and am about to graduate high school. My english teacher is young and single. He even looks like he could be a student. Nothing has happened between us but harmless flirting, and i am not the only one who notices. My friends have noticed and think it’s sweet and other Classmates of mine have told me it’s gross to flirt with your teacher. They’re jealous. I was thinking after i graduate and give it a little time that this summer i would contact my once english teacher through email and see if he wants to meet for a lunch date and see what happens. I have had a boyfriend this year then i ended it, then hung out with different boys but nothing feels the way i feel when that guy looks at me. I can not let this go. Once i’m no longer a student it shouldn’t matter, right? It’s not wrong to try

Dear Rana,

Yikes friend, this is a very slippery slope. I have no idea how old this teacher is but there are very serious issues here.
You are right, after your graduate you are free to contact him but only after.
Rana, I understand the attraction and thrill of being “flirted with” by an older authority figure but I also know ANY teacher young or young looking should not be “flirting” with a student, hence my concern for some bad judgement on his part. If he is flirting he doesn’t seem to understand he is taking an very serious risk.
Take some time once school is out and see if there is still any interest. Asking him out may surprise him, while his reaction to the question, maybe a shock to you.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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