Dear one tough muther,

I did something really stupid at work and no one will let up the teasing about it. It’s an every day thing and it’s to much, I’ve said to my co workers to stop already , give it up and it seems that they tease more. I’ve heard that if I tease myself that it will kind of loose it’s appeal to other people. Do you have any suggestions? And just to let you know. I walked into a glass door thinking it was open ,

Dear Kathy,

Wow, is that all you did, you walked into a closed glass door? I have done plenty of stupider things, with a bigger audience for sure.
I say just laugh about it a bit and say something like “wow and I wasn’t even drinking” or “crap, time for glasses”. Once you say something clever making fun of yourself the event will lose it’s tease appeal and the crowd will be on to someone or something else.
Remember, when people don’t get a reaction, it becomes boring.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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