I was wondering what your opinion is on a situation I have with my 14 year-old daughter. I’m trying to figure out if its just me or if anyone else would feel this to be an issue.
My daughter asks me one afternoon if she can get her nose pierced and wear a stud. I said no and that I had nothing against them but not for my 14 year-old daughter. I said she was too young and to worry about school. I didn’t want her to create a certain image for herself or be left with a scar, risk infection, etc. I asked if any other kids had them and she said a few but they were over 16. Then she says what’s the big deal some of the teachers have them anyway. Oh Great! Luckily we get along well and she seamed to accept my ‘no’ and that was that – for now.
I stewed a bit on the fact that teachers were wearing them. If it was college I doubt it would bother me but this is high school and kids are so impressionable. I wrote a letter to the Superintendent of Schools. I tried to not to be disrespectful towards the teachers however expressed my feelings about how I felt it was unprofessional for them to be worn to school if it was purely a fashion statement and that the should understand how they are supposed to be role models not fashion models.
Many weeks passed….. I finally got a response. Mr. “T” told me they had a meeting about it and decided it was not an issue. He said the teachers who wore them had small diamond studs and are very professional. If there were very demonstrative piercings that were disturbing they would look into the matter but do not believe that to be the case at this time.
So that’s it and I’m still annoyed – should I be?

Dear Ann,

I understand your concern, my daughter-in-laws are teachers and my son is a vice principal of a High School however, in this day and age where children are connected to the world, there are bigger battles to fight. I 100% agree that 14 years old is much to young for a piercing, so stick to your guns on that point, however I highly doubt the teacher with the piercing is a major influence here. Your daughter is simply pointing out to you that, an authority figure, her teacher has a piecing, to drive her point home on why she shouldn’t be allowed to have one. It’s like saying Grandpa smokes a cigar, so why can’t I or the doctor has a tattoo, so why can’t I.
Teenagers are good at focusing and liking themselves to people in authority to drive their point home on something they want. There are things that I believe children should wait on, especially when it comes to their bodies. Making this young teacher comparison was her attempt to sway you and get what she wants now. Does it bother you that teachers, men or women have their ears pierced?

So your question is, do I think teachers should be allowed to have small, tasteful piercings? Yes, I think they should. If it is done respectfully by teachers who are professional, they have a right, as adults, to have an individual identity. Teachers can’t only be looked at as, teachers.
Ann, I’m sorry that you are still annoyed on this matter, but the bell has rung on this one and my lecture is over.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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