Many of the mothers in our school district talk badly about stay at home moms. I am fortunate enough to be one and feel as if many remarks are guided toward me, should I confront them? Is it wrong that I don’t feel as useless as these people make SAHMs out to be?

Dear Janet,

It is absolutely wonderful that you are able in this day and age to stay home and raise your children. As far as the “other mothers” voicing their unwanted and unsolicited opinion about you staying home, you shouldn’t care one way or another. It is very hard for families to make ends meet and the excepted norm has become children being taken to daycare at 6 weeks old which is equally hard on the mother and the baby. Bonding with and nurturing your baby as much as you can, is essential. However most times the mother has no choice but to go back to work which means that those responsibilities are left in the hands of someone else, which is sad.
Janet, if you and your husband are making ends meet, even if it is tight, in my mind staying home to raise your children is the ticket. If you can work part time or on opposite hours so one parent is always home, that is fabulous as well. However if both parents must work, which is perfectly understandable, it’s to bad however that doesn’t give the “working mother” a right to bash the “stay at home mother”. Believe me I know there are days when working and interacting with other adults trumps a crabby baby or overstimulated toddler, BELIEVE ME. Funny how the grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?
Janet, don’t take it to heart, you raise your children the way you and your husband see fit and let the remarks just roll off. Being a stay at home mother is for your children and family so believe me when I tell you, that is all that matters.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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