Hi one tough mom,

I recently became a performer and I become calm and cool on stage but before hand I have terrible panic attacks. My crew even gives me a good half hour of panic time before show time because i freak every time. You seem like you might be in the public eye so I was wondering if you have any tips for pre perform jitters? I’d like this to stop, I’m fearing this will ruin my career with time, with people hearing about me and seeing my insane behavior and not want to deal with it. I do things like change my mind back and forth about going on, sweating, deep breathing and even crying sometimes. See how it could turn people off from me?

Dear Kelly,

Over the years I have worked with some of the top entertainers of their time and they all have their little rituals.
You need a relaxation technique. Something that will teach you to stop projecting gloom and doom and actually help you live in the wonderful moment of what is happening.
There are psychologists, hypnotists and professionals out there that can help to teach you relaxation techniques. I personally take deep breathes through my nose, hold them for a few seconds and slowly exhale them through my mouth. I also remind myself that I am confident in what I am doing, I am in control of me and I can roll with the punches.
Kelly, by working yourself up and projecting a disaster, you can create a disaster. You are in this gig for a reason and that is because you love to perform, so embrace it and enjoy it. It takes a certain personality, a special spark, a unique nerve to be a performer and if you have it you usually know it, so use it.
Hell, Girl you are not performing brain surgery where you are 100% responsible for someone’s life, you are entertaining.
Check out some relaxation techniques on line and speak to professionals around you.
When you come to terms with what you have chosen to do is FUN, you will relax and have fun.
Kelly, I sincerely hope I helped! Be confident in who you are and be proud that you have made it so far, everything else will fall into place!

Good Luck & Huge Muther hugs,

One Tough Muther

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