My question title explains it all. My son loves starting fires and I think I may need to get him professional help because my discipline is not sinking in. I’ve caught him a few times lighting things on fire outside and I am scared of how far he might go. His father and I sat him down and asked him why he keeps doing this and his simple answer was that he loves fire. He is 10 and I HATE to take this out of the home but this could become serious. Or Do you think I should keep this in the family and to ourselves and not involve outsiders? I am torn.

Dear Worried Mother,

When children are young they may be attracted to playing with fire because they are curious and don’t realize the danger and destruction fire can cause but a 10 year old, especially one that has been reprimanded for playing with fire is beyond this.
A school-age child who deliberately sets fires, even after being reprimanded or punished, needs to be addressed and possibly gotten professional help.
Older children who repeatedly start fires can be due to a number of reasons. They may be angry or looking for attention. They may be struggling with stress at home, at school, or with friends. Some set fires as a cry for help because they feel neglected or may be abused. Even if they know how dangerous fire can be, they might have other problems that involve difficulty with impulse control.
If this dangerous behavior is not professionally addressed it may become a catastrophe.

Speak to your child’s doctor and ask them to recommend a therapists for the child to speak to. Mother, you are right to worry and a very good mother to realize this is something that may need more than just discipline.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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