Dear One tough Muther,

I am a professional woman,I am young, and I have a good job that I love. But I also have sleeve tattoo’s that I am so proud of. They are beautiful pieces of art that i love to show off. In a couple of weeks I will be attending a wedding for a family member of mine. Should i cover up my art with a long sleeve sweater or is it ok to go sleeveless and wear my art loud an proud? What do you think?

Dear Tonya,

Wow, what a great question…Your not gonna believe this but I had the same issue. My son got married 4 years ago to a wonderful, bright and loving women. Her family are extremely nice people, they are just awesome.His wifes side of the family are very catholic, we are spiritual not religious. The wedding was a mass in a catholic church with all the bells and whistles, well don’t you know Muther has tattoos. I don’t have a sleeve, however I do have a rather large piece from my toes up my calf on one leg and around the ankle and up the calf of the other. So my dilemma, do I wear a long dress, dark stockings and shoes to cover them or do I just wear them loud and proud?
Solution, I asked my son and future daughter-in-law how they felt about this. I knew i’d be in many pictures and didn’t want them to look back and wish I’d covered them. Both my son and his now wife said, “do whatever you want”, they didn’t care one way or another. So I wore a long dress and sandals. I some pictures the tattoos were very visible and some not but either way it was perfect.

Tonya, in today’s world tattoos are very common. Tattoos are a form of self expression and art. You get them knowing they will be shared, by people admiring them. I have 4 kids all of which work professional jobs, all of which have tattoos. One son has a large chest plate and particle sleeve and he works in a school district, another has a full sleeve, he is a police officer and the third son is a teacher and my daughter a business professional. At work they keep them covered up but when they are on their own time they let the fly.

You are not in the wedding, you are a guest so there is no need to worry about hiding them. If you love them and are proud of them, I say show them. It’s all about what your comfortable with as long as they are not of something offensive. I love looking at beautiful body art and so do many other people I know so my vote is loud and proud. They are now part of who you are so rock em.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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