Four years ago my sister Mel moved four hours away from us- her family and never spoke to us again. Never returned calls or texts or emails until she finally did and told our mother to leave her alone. She is now back in touch with us, has a son and all seems ok. When she comes down to visit though, she is constantly guilt tripping my mother into giving her money or things. She will say for my mother to think about all the money she’s spent on Myself, Tess & Dylan through the four years that my mother was not a part of and tell her if a measly $50 here and there is anything. I think its very shady and heartless. We all tried to be in her life but it was her that left. I tell Mel this and she always has a snappy come back. My mother feels badly and always gives her what she asks. One tough muther am I being dramatic,,Is Mel right by saying “This is what family is for”?

Dear Lynn,

No, you are not being dramatic and I believe Mel has the definition for the word family mixed up with the definition of the word bank.
Families love each other, stand by one another, help one another and support one another.
A bank is where you go to get money.
Funny how Mel contacts everyone now and shows up now that she needs something. Mel is guilt tripping your Mother into helping her because she feels she is “entitled” a word I HATE. No one is entitled to anything just because they feel they are. So Mel is completely wrong.
I am sorry your Mother feels guilty but as long as she continues to give Mel whatever she wants, she will continue to show up. Once the gravy train stops, so will the visits.I hope your Mother realizes that fact.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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