Dear one tough muther,

My girlfriend from school’s father is showing interest in me. We are both adults, and we are both single. I’m 32 and he just celebrated his 50th birthday, but you’d never guess he’s 50. He’s very attractive, and in excellent shape. We share a lot of the same interests and are both very active and I could see a life with him. We talk about trips we could take and spending time hiking, camping and all the things that we could do together.Him and I already spend hours on the phone talking and have met for coffee and met up for lunch several times. He mentioned about taking this friendship to a more serious level and talking to his daughter/ my friend about it- since we have kept this private so far. I very much want this to work out with him but I am concerned I am in the wrong if I were to date my friends father. She has mentioned that it’s creepy knowing her fathers interests in me knowing he knew me as a child. I don’t want to let this pass knowing he could be the one, It’s unbelievable how much him and I have in common. How do we go about this & Is this really as wrong as I’m thinking it is to do to my friend. Help!

Dear Becca,

You are not a child. You are a 32 year old adult woman who has had enough life experience to know what is acceptable and what is not. You have suddenly fallen for your friend’s 50 year old father. Keep in mind there is a 18 year life span between you, so how will this play out?

Becca, I understand that most times we can’t help who we are attracted to but there are a few red flags here.
Daddio, has lived the family life, he has had children, he has an established career, he has had many life experiences, he had a home and he finds your young energy attractive and alluring, of course. You don’t mention his thoughts about how this will effect his daughter, his family and where is his wife?

Before you ruin your friendship ask yourself what you want out of this relationship, hell what do you want out of life.
Do you want children? Do you want marriage? Do you want a family? Do you want a career? Do you want to be with someone physically active and attractive in 18 years? Because in 18 years you will be 50 where he is now and he will be 68. And what happens if this falls flat once you two spend unlimited time together?

Think about this, think about this long and hard. There is a lot more at stake here than a friendship as far as I can see and you are the only one that can make this decision.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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