Dear OTM

In my office there is a friendly man who I think, believes there is more to our friendship. I usually grab the coffee in the office when I arrive for the day but this co worker has been bringing me, and only me in Starbucks. Which is fine I suppose, it’s a nice gesture. He seems to be hanging around my office though lately and he has placed two gifts on my desk before I arrive As well. I talked with this man telling him that I can not except gifts but it ultimately comes down to me opening them. The last gift was his passed GRANDMOTHERS Necklace. I said I can certainly not except this, I placed it in his hand and said thank you but it is not mine to have. Later in the day, I found it once again placed on my desk. In the office , I’ve thought to be dating him, which is mostly teasing but how can I explain to this man that I am not interested in the kindest way. I see him daily at work.

Dear Beth,

Awkward and inappropriate! Unfortunately, there are people who can not “gently” be convinced they are barking up the wrong tree, ugh. Some folks just have to be hit over the head with the “this ain’t happening” stick.
Very simple, talk to him one on one or send a simple email that states, I appreciate your kind gestures however I am not interested in being anything more than a friend so I will never accept your thoughtful gifts. Please I would greatly appreciate you taking them back immediately and please don’t leave any others.
Whoop, there it is! It is direct, to the point and kind.
If that doesn’t throw a brick in his britches well, then on to phase 2, down and dirty!
Let’s hope he gets your kind attempts at clarification and moves on to greener pastures!

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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