Dear OTM,

Have you ever heard or seen of people taking pictures of the dead at a funeral? I attended a funeral this past week and there were some people taking photo’s on their phones of the dead woman in her casket. This was very disturbing to me, I found it really really odd. I was shocked no one told these people to stop it.I mentioned it to someone there and they didn’t seem disturbed but they were unsure as to why those people would do that. Is this something new, have you ever experienced that?

Dear Glenda,

I have NEVER heard of or seen this and I have sadly been to 4 funerals this past year. I’m with you I find the cell phone, funeral thing extremely disrespectful to the family of the deceased and actually the person who has past. WHO wants a picture of a person once they dead. I hate even looking at the casket because I would rather remember them as they were when they were filled with life.
I’ll tell you what, I am restricting cell phones at my wake, check em at the door folks. I find the whole cell phone picture of everything and every second in life uncalled anyway and in this case extremely disturbing.
People need to get a grip, not every event in life needs to be photographed.
So check your cell at the door and pay your respects in peace.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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