Dear one tough muther,

Last month my 6 year old son was Hospitalized for a minor thing but it was necessary for him to be in the hospital for a full week. My ex sister in law came to visit and was in the room when the doctor came in to explain the issue my son was having, so she heard what was going on. Well after my husband and I brought our son home, my ex in-laws that are my sons grandparents came to visit at our home. I found out that they knew all about my sons minor condition from my ex sister in law. I was furious because I wanted to be the one to explain it properly and to explain it when I would find out more about it. I have now cut off ties with my ex sister in law because I feel it was wrong of her to pass info to her inlaws. She has been trying to get in touch, apologizing saying she wasn’t aware it was a secret and that the grandparents were concerned. She should have known and she is in the wrong one tough muther..

Dear Amanda,

I am sorry but unless you told your ex-sister in-law to keep the information unwraps until you have the chance to speak to the grandparents, how would she have known not to say a word. Did you ever think that telling them may have come about innocently. That maybe in the course of conversation or that she thought they knew?
Regardless, you can’t expect someone to keep something a secret when they don’t know it’s a secret. You state “She should have known” how? Did you ever tell her in this many words, “DO NOT discuss my son with his grandparents”? If not your feelings are unfounded. Your ex-sister in-law was just doing what normal families do, discuss important issue within.
Amanda, except her apology and let this go. Everything seems to have worked out and it is childish and ridiculous to cut off ties over something so minor.
All’s well, that end’s well, and well next time inform people of how you’d like something handled and don’t assume.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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