I tend to have a big mouth, and if I see you doing something wrong I will call you out on it. Stranger or friend. On Monday after work I pulled into target to pick up a few things and I witnessed a woman throw a dirty diaper onto the ground next to her car and then start to open her car door as to leave.There was a trash can near her vehicle too!! I walked up to this woman’s car and as I did it became clear to me that this was indeed a DIRTY diaper.The “mess” was spilling out onto the ground. I knocked on this woman’s car window and asked when she planned on disposing of the diaper. She told me to leave and mind my business. I told the woman to come out and get the diaper and throw it away correctly and I will wait until she does it or I will call the police. The woman did end up leaving it and pulling away and I notified the store, what happened after that I don’t know but my family and friends seem to think I over did it. I think that people need to respect our planet and respect our human race by not being dirty pigs. Is that really so bad? I’d do it again in a heart beat and I have been in similar situations before.

Dear Andrea,

I do not think you are wrong to want people to respect the environment and the human race, but calling someone out like the woman with the dirty diaper who is obviously a disgusting and dirty person, and confronting them while you are alone completely worries me.
It is a sad situation but these days you have to be very careful and use caution in so many ways. You never know what will set someone off and/or what they may do. Next time call mall security or the police first and let them confront the person who has created an incident. Confronting some one in a parking lot, while you are on your own, is not worth getting hurt or worse to try to right a wrong.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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