Dear One Tough Mother,

Do you remember the day that you no longer questioned that you were one TOUGH MUTHER? The day that you KNEW it was OK to date again? The day that you knew you would never be perfect and that was ok? The day that you knew you were doing everything you can and it was enough?
Sending Much Love ~ An overwhelmed, single, working, lonely, 35 year old mother of a *GOD SEND* 2 year old


Dear Katie,

YES, I do. I had 4 little children and I was told repeatedly if I left by my abusive ex-husband, “NO MAN” would ever want a woman with 4 little kids. That comment drove deeply into my mind and so I blocked myself from ever entertaining the thought of having another relationship. It was hard, I work continuously, I was lonely, overwhelmed while I could barely place a roof over our heads or food on our table.
Then one day, I became friends with a single coworker. I needed help moving something and he had a truck. When he came over to help and we quickly became better friends. As time went on we developed feelings for each other and he got closer to my children (he was never married and had no family) then over 2 years one thing led to another and we married.
Katie, being a Tough Muther is not only about being a single Mother it is about the pride you feel knowing you can do it all yourself. It’s about being strong and the best you can be for you and your child, should you have one. It’s about knowing you can work and build a life for yourself, face adversity on your own, move forward with your life, knowing yourself, your strengths, your resolve, your heart and being able to stand strong when your opinions or morals are challenged.
You see Katie, in New Jersey you don’t have to be a MOTHER to be called a Tough MUTHER.
So if you feel you are confident and know what you want in life, the day is NOW. Go forward independently and remember you do not to rely on a man in life.
Remember Doll, time moves very quickly and opportunities for happiness and love can be missed. As long as you follow your heart, your soul, and your convictions, stay strong to who you truly are and place your child first in your life, then now is the time. When you get back out there look for someone who deserves you for who you are and will treat you and your child with nothing less than kindness and respect. Find someone who deserves a piece of your life and eventually maybe your love. Katie, if you feel you are ready, you are ready, today is your day.
I am very proud of you so get out there, enjoy your young life, be happy and have fun.

Love and Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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