In my office we do secret Santa and we have a limit of how much we should spend and no more than that. At the office party last Friday a man in my office bought me a very expensive gift. Above the limit. He made a point to let me know it was from him. Let’s face it by the end of the night everyone knows which gift is from who. It turns out myself and two others were the only ones who stayed in the limit and everyone else spent more on gifts. I feel stupid for the gift I bought compared to the gift I received. Why have a price for gifts if no one listens to it. Should I make up for it and buy something else worth more money , and give it to the office?

Dear Pat,

NO, do not buy something else you did exactly what was excepted. That is the exact reason why I refuse to be in the office Christmas secret Santa.
1. it is NEVER kept a secret
2. everyone over spends even if they can’r afford it so they don’t look bad
Instead I take in cookies, brownies, candy, fruit and other food items through out the 2 weeks prior.
And when people ask “Why don’t you participate” I tell them why. I am not a fan of office competition and refuse to be sucked into that vortex.
Since I have stopped participating in the semi-secret Santa, others in the office have also. They also bring items in for everyone to share.
If you feel you MUST do something buy or make cookies for everyone to share. Believe me, the gestures goes much further and is always welcomed.
Have a wonderful holiday Pat and don’t worried about the silliness. I am sure the entire event has blown over and everyone is on the the next event.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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