At an early age I found out that I will never be able to have children. So when I met keith and he was more than ok with this it seemed like perfection. We got married and started our life .4 years of my life. Until Keith left me because he decided he in fact is bothered by that I can’t have kids. So he is gone and I at age 26 have been going on dates but I haven’t connected with anyone. Once I mentioned that kids are out of the picture I never hear from them again. I will never find anyone willing to settle for just me will I ? Maybe I should stop trying to date ?

Dear Kate,

No Honey don’t stop, you have to chip at a lot of stone to find a diamond. There is most certainly many men who have decided children are not for them and that they prefer to keep it that way. Kate a very dear friend of mine and his wife decided before marriage they weren’t mentally equipped for children and never had any. That was 23 years ago.
Kate you are young and there is still so much life and love in front of you that you have to live it to the fullest. You have to focus on your life, your likes, your goals and aspirations. Stop focusing on what you consider to be a negative about your life and think of it as a positive. How do you know that later down the line you may not want to adopt? Do you think that an adopted mother is any less than a biological mother?
Honey, I know right now you feel betrayed and lost but Keith was not the one if he left. there is someone out there looking for YOU as you are looking for him. Don’t give up so easy or so soon, anything worth having, is worth working for.
Broaden your search, join new events or clubs where you can meet new people and keep trying.
Kate, you have your whole life a head of you and I promise the search will be well worth it.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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