My best friend recently started seeing a guy a few years younger than she is and she isn’t sure if it’s a good idea to continue their relationship for a few reasons…
one of them being that he will have a streak of talking to her for a few days and answers her texts right away wants to go over to her place etc….then will have a few days of not responding to texts or phone calls, or makes excuses for canceling plans or says he can’t hang out at all….it’s a reoccurring cycle and she isn’t sure what to do? I told her I feel like he is just using her and sees her when he wants and doesn’t really want anything long term…but when I tell her she says how this guy will tell her that he really enjoys spending time with her and likes her company…she did ask him why he goes a few days without talking etc. and he said he just gets busy …yada, yada,
I say she needs to forgot about him but I don’t want to be a mean friend….she hasn’t had much luck with men:(

What is your advice??

Dear Friend,

I have to agree with you. It makes me wonder if this guy and your friend are on the same page. He is just looking to date? Did she misread his signals? Is there someone else he is seeing on the off days? Let’s face it Chickie, if he isn’t calling you back for days, doesn’t respond to your texts and makes up excuses for canceling plans, well he’s just not that into you.
In my opinion, keep looking.
Your friend is obviously ready for a relationship and “cool but quiet” is not.
There are a lot of guys who would like a relationship not a game of cat and mouse.

One Tough Muther

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