I live on a small street and I am very nosy I admit. So when I started seeing my neighbors sneaking around I started paying more attention to it. After much observation , it’s a fact that my neighbors who are both married are having an affair. Since I know , should I get involved and let there spouses know, or stay out of it?

Dear Alert Neighbor,

STAY OUT of it!
If you plan on living in that neighbor hood for a while and don’t want complete anarchy do not get involved.
These people are adults who do not need your’s or anyone’s permission or approval to screw up their lives.
Noisy neighbor what do you think you will accomplish by exposing the extracurricular, extramarital two-timers except making enemies of a couple of really upset sneaks.
Turn a blind eye and ignore the nasty because Honey, karma is a bitch and she is always just around the corner.

Huge Muther Hugs,


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