Dear one tough muther,

My neighbor is out of her mind. She is trouble maker! She lives directly across the street from me so lately i avoid the front part of the yard and house to avoid her, i will even park my car along the back of my house and here is why. About a 3 years ago she had an affair with one of our neighbors husbands. She destroyed his marriage and also destroyed her own because at that time she was married. But this is not why i say she is crazy because they were both at fault. It is her strutting around and doing garden work in her front yard in very tight dresses and mostly bikni’s when she in fact does not own a pool. She will ignore me and yell over hello to my husband or walk right up to our home when we are out front and strike conversation with my husband yet ignore me. I once confronted her and told her i found it rude how she acted and she told me ” get over it sweetheart” and soon after spread nasty rumors about me throughout our street to the neighbors.She once even stood in the middle of the street and yelled that it looks like im on drugs! It was crazy, because everyone knows who i am and im certainly no drug user. It seems like it makes it worse when i actually confront her about how she acts or bring it up, like it is fun or a game to her.So i’ve been ignoring her and the issue and we now hang in our back yard. And we see little of her but i hate that annoying stressed feeling just knowing she is there and the fact that we have limited use to OUR yard because of her….Am i handling this right? Because i feel like she is controlling what we do at our home.

Dear Emily,

You are doing the right, sad to say, thing by avoiding this drama diva. She is obviously in constant need of attention. Confronting people like that only gives them what they are seeking, the spot light good or bad.
If you are comfortable in the back that’s good but I’d use my front yard if I had to and completely ignore her. Most certainly your husband knows to ignore her, for the sake of his sanity and happy home. She truly sounds mentally unbalanced, I pray she doesn’t have children.
Believe me Emily, it is obvious to everyone else that she is acting out to get noticed, so don’t give her a second thought.
Just go about your life, ignore her and eventually she will find another source for her attention.
Needy people are really sad to me. They have missed something in their lives and must strive for, attention and acceptance however they can get it.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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