One Tough Muther,

My question is about moving away from where you’ve grown up. I have so far pretty much stayed in the same area Of where I’ve grown up. The elementary school my kids attend is my childhood schools rival ha ha. Well I have all my adult life wanted to get out of here, felt like I should or felt it was what I am to do. Theres nothing wrong with “here” I just feel like im boxed in. All these years I’ve been saying to my husband lets move south and get a fresh start, All this world and we are here?? Well he is finally on board; and now I am a little nervous ha. He says it everyday about moving south to N.C, he even wanted to start planning for a move as soon as school let out for the kids, (which won’t happen). I’m thinking more of years down the road. ANYWAY, when we mention this to family no one minds except my inlaws. My mother in law crys my father in law gets angry, “Oh How can you take the kids away!?” They will miss us all. Its a big “ta do”.So my question is when moving should you consider others and respect them and stay or go with what you want to do because this is our life to live.

Dear Mover,

Moving away from family is often tough and stressful. However, there are times in your life when you need to make your own way in the world.
Such times can be if you can’t find the right opportunity, with a job, financially, housing, or you are just unhappy with the area completely. These are the times when you have to make the decision to do what is best for you and your family.
Believe me, your in-laws have lived their lives and will adjust. I’m sure they decided where to live with their family and raise their children the way they saw fit.
Mover it is now your time, your families time, to do the same.
Who knows, the in-laws may like where you go and decide to move closer as well. At any rate they have to respect your wishes and support your decisions.

So Mover in my opinion, get up and get out if you are truly ready or unhappy.
Life is meant to be lived, and opportunities don’t find you, you have to find them.
If there is nothing for you where you are now, it’s time to MOVE forward.
For yourself, your family and your life.

Good luck,


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