One tough muther

My mother has claimed to have had a eating disorder the months she wasn’t being a mother to us. My dad said it’s a disease, I say it’s a excuse. Her disease is over eating. She’d lay in bed and eat, gained a lot of weight and completely in her own world. I think it’s an excuse, if you don’t want to be fat don’t eat, stop claiming you have no control over it. All this over eating resulted in mom going away to a hospital for sometime to sort through issues…. About food. I’m annoyed I’m sure you can tell. I’ll say it again, it’s an excuse. Mom is back and life seems ok. But mom still chooses a unhealthy lifestyle. The other day we celebrated my sisters report card with chocolate cake after dinner. Of all things this is what mom chose. I don’t like hearing the excuses, if you don’t want to be fat don’t eat chocolate cake. Mom claims it’s a struggle everyday.

Dear Allie,

Your father is right being obsessed with food is a part of a disease called Binge-eating disorder
When you have binge-eating disorder, you regularly eat excessive amounts of food (binge), but don’t try to compensate for this behavior with exercise or purging as someone with bulimia or anorexia might. You may eat when you’re not hungry and continue eating even long after you’re uncomfortably full. After a binge, you may feel guilty or ashamed, which can trigger a new round of bingeing. You may be a normal weight, overweight or obese.
Symptoms of binge-eating disorder may include:
Eating to the point of discomfort or pain
Eating much more food during a binge episode than during a normal meal or snack
Eating faster during binge episodes
Feeling that your eating behavior is out of control
Frequently eating alone
Feeling depressed, disgusted or upset over the amount eaten.
Your Mother needs help from a doctor and therapy to get past this.
It is truly not as easy as to say “Snap out of it”.
Maybe show this comment to your father and ask him to get your Mother some much needed help. However in the mean time be kind, supportive and loving. It is very hard to get yourself motivated to take control when people don’t understand there is an underlying issue. So try very hard to support her, love her and talk to her about speaking to a doctor. It is very unhealthy and destructive however with help it can be managed.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,


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