My mother in-law is a kind person and I am really lucky to have one like her. But she expects me to always have free time when she wants to do something. Tonight, she texted us to meet up for ice cream at a place 25 mins away. I had been gardening and digging in the dirt all day and I was a mess, And I really didn’t feel like going anywhere. The plan was for my in-laws to come over and visit anyway. Well I told her that we really werent up to go any where but thank you for asking. She texted back 20 minutes later saying that I hurt her feelings, and that the ice cream would have been their treat and asked if i even wanted them to come over and visit. Unfortunately i was still out doors and missed her text until an hour later..Long story short. I hurt her feelings for declining for ice cream lol. and they never came over for a visit. i just find it silly. This is one of many silly storys that ive “hurt” her feelings. I mean should i drop every thing and go run to her? I do so much with her sometimes i’m not up for it or not prepared.

Dear Kate,

I’m sorry but I find your mother-in-law’s response ridiculous. Hot damn I bet you didn’t know that when someone calls you and invites you out, you have to stop everything and run. I guess you missed that part when you said your wedding vows.

If her sole intention was to stop for a visit, then why didn’t she visit regardless? Power play…I think so. Look it was very nice of her to offer to buy ice cream however it turned into something else when she didn’t get her way. I say ignore it and go on as though nothing has happened. This kind of behavior reminds me of acting like a child so she doesn’t get any acknowledgement for selfish behavior.
If and when she brings it up it’s a simple, I’m sorry it was very kind of you offer and I appreciate the gesture however it wasn’t possible…DONE. Then maybe this won’t happen again and she will plan further a head with you not for you.

Best of luck, huge Muther hugs,


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