I dated this guy who never had any money to do anything. It was a constant complaint of his. Now all he does is spend money, like water. I wonder WTF??? He never had a problem letting me pay our way, but he always had something to complain about when I would let him have to pay for things.
I just don’t get it! I know he didn’t win the lottery and didn’t come into any money, but all of a sudden he is spending like crazy. Is it me ?


Dear B,

I’m a little confused. You DATED or you’re DATING?

If you DATED him and are no longer with him but see that he is now speeding money like water, something changed.
He must have had the money all along and didn’t want to spend it, is making more money than he did when he was with you or somehow he stepped into some money. Whatever the case he didn’t spend any on you and you were stuck paying for everything. He is a USER.

In my opinion, be happy you are not still dating him and go on with your life. Take this relationship as a lesson learned.
Dating should be equal if possible, whenever possible.
If both the man and women are working, there should be times when you both of them contribute.

If you are still DATING this guy then, RUN.
If a person doesn’t put their best foot forward when dating, they just don’t care.

Good Luck,


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