There is this married couple that we have been spending time with, we will go out to see a movie or dinner or have a movie and dinner date at one of our homes. It’s nice to finally meet a nice level headed couple. The husband though has touched me twice. Nothing crazy but once he was standing next to me and he started rubbing my back and he kind of did it for awhile. The next time he took a gentle hold of my arm and then started to lightly rub my arm with his thumb. I am very confused by this behavior, I’ve never experienced this from anyone. He does it in a hidden manner which makes me believe he knows that it is not an appropriate thing. My question is, am I making a bigger deal about this than I should be and if it continues should i say something to him.

Dear Jess,

This guy is a creep. He absolutely knows what he is doing, why he is doing it and also knows he shouldn’t be.
If there is nothing wrong with it WHY is he hiding it.
I don’t think you will have to say a word to Mr Hands-On, a quick pull away and a sharp look should be all that it takes.
Unfortunately, if that isn’t the case, then yes time to say something. He is the kind of guy that if you don’t react by pulling away or acknowledging you distaste for the act, he considers the silence as affirmation and he continues with the behavior.
Do not let this happen again with out some reaction.
Sorry, but your new friend’s male half sounds like a real secret creeper and once a creeper always a creeper.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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