I have a lump on my breast, it’s about the size of a quarter and DOES NOT hurt. It’s just there. I live with my Aunt and told her about it and showed her the spot and she has been hysterical telling me to go see a doctor, that woman brush off lumps all the time and they turn out to be cancerous. But woman have lumps in their breasts, it doesn’t even hurt or feel inflamed. I really don’t have anything to be worried about. I’ve read that woman have lumps in their breast that aren’t cancerous.I should be fine. If i feel I am fine I should go with my instinct right?

Dear Alex,

I always say follow your instinct when it is a gut feeling or a strong vibe but here I must say, GO TO A DOCTOR.
You are correct woman do have non-cancerous lumps in their breast but it is extremely important to find that out 1000%.
Go and speak to your doctor and follow their recommendations. I am to far away to be shown and I am not a doctor so please go to one for a cp,plete exam.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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