So I just started dating this guy. We’ve been on a few dates and whatever. Casually getting into a relationship just taking it easy on both ends. But there was something about him that intrigued me when I first met him. It made me ask to see him and pull cards I never pull with guys because they usually ask me. Like you know, asking them out and then clarifying things so I understand the relationship we have. I took him to see my parents and I’ve met his too. So it’s become this clarified relationship. Well I can’t tell if I should call it love?

Dear Christina Marie,

Love comes with time, history and work but you definitely have what sounds like a very promising relationship.
I have never been one to believe in “love at first sight”. Lust at first sight, infatuation at first sight or maybe enchanted at first sight but love at first sight NO.

Love takes time, trust, compromise, learning and work, however all of that has to start somewhere and it sounds like maybe this is an incredible start. You are doing the very wisest thing, I applaud your maturity.
Get to know each other, talk, spend time together, take the time to get into each others worlds and grow slow and strong.
There is no reason to rush or push yourself if it is love it will only grow stronger with time.
Christina Marie, congratulations you are a very smart young lady.

Good Luck and Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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