How can I get my wife to show interest in sex ?

Dear Pramod,

Easy, show more interest in your wife when you don’t just want sex.
For a woman, sex is about being kind, compassionate, attentive and helpful when she needs it all day, not just when you want her in the bedroom. You should treat your wife and she should treat you the way you treated one another when you were dating. Show her you still think she is attractive and you are proud to have her by your side. Getting wifey in the “mood” is a commitment of time to treat her right.
Pramod, you know how you treated her when you wanted to win her heart, treat her like that. It is really very simple.
Don’t take her for granted or expect her to snuggle up to you if you haven’t been there for her when she needed you.

Warm Wishes,

One Tough Muther

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