Dear OTM,

I have two little boys 6 & 7. My husband decided to teach my boys to stand and pee. At first I thought it was ok, awe cute..But it’s not cute finding puddles of pee on the floor around the toilet or sitting on pee splashed toilet seats from the boys missing. I realize this is probably normal. My husband even gets annoyed more than I do which I say , well it was your great idea. I have been trying to teach them to now sit down and pee until they are older. They always forget though. I know you raised boys so do you have any tips on this subject? Thanks!!!!!!!!

Dear Danielle,

Ugh, yes I raised three little puddle pros. In fact one of my marvelous peeing princes decided that peeing in the trash can was much easier and a hell of a lot more convenient.
The only advertise I have is get a small step stool and set it up against the toilet. When the boys were raised higher they had a better shot at hitting the mark. A young mother I asked told me about Toilet-Targets something you place in the toilet to help them aim. I personally never used them for my boys, they probably weren’t around back then, but maybe you should look them up on the web and give the a shot.
Danielle, I’d like to say it will all come to an end soon but well, hurried big boys sometimes miss their mark, so sending back to sitting may not be the end all.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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