We salute Lisa Marie.

Lisa Marie has been a Tough Muther for quite a while now however, I recently had the honor of meeting her in person and spending time with her, as a guest on her TV show, The Lisa Marie Show. From that meeting, I discovered so much more about Lisa and her incredible story.

Lisa is the owner and CEO of Crock Pot Moms, a wildly popular blog. Lisa is also a SiriusXM Radio talk show host, a guest blogger at The Huffington Post, the TV host on We Talk TV, The Lisa Marie Show and Cooking with Lisa Marie as well as a TV producer with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

The only child of a hardworking, single mother, Lisa felt loved and supported. Lisa achieved her Master’s Degree, worked as a therapist, fell in love, married and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, they named Owen. Born at just 31 weeks, weighing only 3 lbs 8 oz, Owen was in and out of hospitals for much of his tiny life, however, Lisa aspired to remain strong, courageous and positive. With a lot of love and support from family and friends as well as the excellent care from Owen’s Doctors and Nurses, Owen is now a typical 8-year-old, happily enjoying his friends and school,

However, like many stories, the journey doesn’t end there.

You see the road to success has not been an easy one for Lisa and now she was facing one of her toughest challenges. With very little emotional support, Lisa longed to leave her job as a therapist to pursue her passion of helping and inspiring others through her blog. Recognizing the massive success of her online blog, Crock Pot Moms, Lisa wanted to follow her heart, her spirit, and her dream. Against all opinions and exceptions of what her life should be, Lisa believed in herself, when very few other people did. Feeling a powerful calling to help other women, Lisa stepped out of her comfort zone, worked harder than ever before and manifested her dream, into her life.

Lisa, we are so proud of you. You are living proof that a positive attitude, hard work and believing in yourself, your vision and your life journey, can really make your dreams come true. Lisa, you are a true inspiration, a friend and a mentor to so many. You give hope, as well as emotional support to anyone who crosses your path and you’re always willing to pay it forward, helping others on their way.

Lisa, thank you for being a member of the Tough Muther Army and my friend. Lisa Marie, YOU are One Tough Muther.

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