How do you let go of someone that you love. I’ve been in love with a man for 12 years. Him and I dated at one point & remained friends after we broke up . He has moved on into a new relationship & is married. I can’t let go of this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach of being in love with him. I’ve done nothing about it, I’m not that woman to do that, but I need help getting over him. It’s time & life is moving forward & I need to end this.

Dear Tammy,

This is a tough one. There have been songs and poems written about this for decades because breaking up is hard to do.
All I have to say is, I am proud that you acknowledge that your ex has moved on and you are not the kind of women to rock that boat.
So, time for you to move on as well. This doesn’t mean you will immediately get past this but you will be moving in the right direction.
Start dating, keep busy and look for something new and exciting to focus on. Maybe try an on-line dating service or a new hobby or club but get up, get out and get moving. Their is someone out there for everyone and I am sure there is someone out there looking for a wonderful woman like you. You can’t go forward looking in the rear view mirror and forward is the only way to go.
I know it is hard and it will take totally effort but Tammy that is what must happen now. You may always have a love in your heart for this man however there is someone out there who will have that same love in their heart for you.
Time to take the leap…

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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