I recently broke up with my bf of 2 years. He had gone away for school and recently graduated and moved back home. He was always accusing me of doing things I had never done. Every night he would start a big arguement over nothing and wake me up when I would be falling asleep to argue. I was tired of it so I told him he needs to get his stuff out of my house. He constantly would bring up the past and scream and yell about how I did things wrong. Was I wrong to just let him go? He now sends me random texts to remind me that he still loves me . I’m wondering if I made the right decision

Dear Nicole Marie,

You did the right thing. Your boyfriend has trust issues and they are not because of anything you’ve done.
He is not happy unless he is unhappy and it sounds like he is making your life hell. WHO wakes someone up to argue with them?
There is no way this can be a stable relationship because bf sounds demanding, demeaning and self-destructive.
The happiest you sound be is when everything is new and exciting so if this much drama and turmoil is happening now, what will happen if you stay together? If someone loves you they don’t accuse, insult and upset you over things that have happened in the past. I am pretty sure this guy doesn’t know what love is because he sounds very immature and unstable.
His texts are an effort to get what he wants, YOU so that he has control over you again. It has to drive him nuts that you have made the decision to say “enough is enough” because he sounds like the kind of person that wants to call all the shots.
Guys that are that controlling and manipulative have a history of mental disappointments and take them out on who ever they can. Nicole, you have the right to have a trusting healthy relationship and enjoy being with someone. There is no way you should take anymore emotional or mental abuse.

Stick to your guns and stay far away from this control freak. REMEMBER people can only treat you and talk to you the way you allow them to, so stop allowing it now and forever. It will never get any better if this is how he treats you when he is trying to win your love. That BF needs help, he doesn’t need you. Truthfully if he can’t get his life and relationships evened out he life will always be destructive.
Take your time, date and find someone else. someone you can trust and they can trust you because without complete trust there is NO relationship, just accusations.

Good Luck and Hug Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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