OTM, my sister used to be a cutter when we were kids and she now has scars on her arms. My kids are asking what all those scars on Aunt Lisa’s arms are. I say simply scars but my kids are not dumb and I think they know there’s more to the story . I’m afraid to tell them the truth because letting them know cutting is something that exists, they won’t forget and I don’t want my kids knowing it’s something in case they want to do it.

Dear Brianna,

Do not explain what the scars are or why she has them to your children. Cutting is mind boggling to adults who have never been exposed to it, there is NO way a child can grasp and understand such a deep seated issue. In fact if they are children, I don’t care how much they are told, it is difficult to understand.
Brianna, children should never have to be expected to deal with or understand adult issues and realistically they can’t. Yes, your sister was a child when she did it but that doesn’t matter. Children, teens and adults cut themselves for a multitude of reasons. There is no one explanation for why it is done. Emotional anguish, no self esteem, attention or stress are just a few of the reasons and I’m sure there are even more than I have ever heard of.
Brianna, if the children ask again, just tell them they are scars and it’s not a big deal, then change the subject.
If you don’t make it a big deal they will move on.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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