One tough muther,

My boyfriend is always accusing me of cheating. We have been together a year and he moved away five months ago for a job. I didn’t move with him because of my job. The move for his job is temporary so he will be back, but at the moment he is accusing me of cheating so much. He came back one weekend, he found different brand cigarettes in my ash tray outside and he has been on my case for days now. I live in an apartment building and I think the cigarettes in the ash tray outside my door are from the men who were working on the building because I honestly don’t know who’s they are. But my boyfriend always accuses me of cheating and I have never done it or have even thought of it. I was thinking of breaking off the relationship but I kind of need him. I don’t have anyone else in my life, it’d be lonely. Should I just deal with it so I’m not alone.

Dear Megan,

NO, absolutely not, no way you should not put up with that jealous, accusatory behavior for another moment.
How dare he question cigarette butts in an ash tray OUTSIDE. Is this guy kidding or what?
Believe me if you are even slightly thinking of a future with this insecure, immature judge and jury you’d better think again.
How would you like to be interrogated about your every move from sun up to sun down everyday of your life? INSANE!
Megan, there are plenty of nice men in the world and you obliviously are gaga over this guy, “I kind of need him, I don’t have anyone else in my life, it’d be lonely” are you kidding? The fear of being lonely because you don’t have anyone is what you are basing you relationship on?
Megan, stop the drama and move on. This guy has some really trust issues. Don’t waste your young life on any kind of relationship that is not just fabulous. Life is too short to be constant surveillance, find someone that trusts you and that you can trust.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther.

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