Dear One Tough Muther,

I am in 7th grade and I have no friends, I am completely invisable. I have lived in this town for almost 2 years and no matter what I do or try no body likes me. I am a bit bigger and don’t have the greatest things to wear but I am nice. I mean I don’t really go anywhere and I’m super shy because well this place it new for me and my Mom and a lot bigger school. I really miss my old friends and school.
I HATE it here and wish I could just not ever go to school.
I begged my Mom to go back but we can’t. She couldn’t find a job there and got a job here so she can’t leave.
Please help me I want to go home.

Dear Jade,

I am so sorry, I know how hard and scary it can be to start over, especially in a much larger school.
Jade, I am sure you are a very nice girl with a lot to offer but we have to get you out there.
Take some time to think about what you really love to do. Do you like to draw, read, music, photography, computers, theater, sports anything. There must be something that you really love, something special. Then go to your school guidance office to find out if there is a school club that offers what you love or something you always wanted to try. If there isn’t, maybe you could join a church youth group or after school program somewhere close to home? The main thing is to get out there and meet people. My son is the Vice Principle of a high school and his door is always open to the students so that makes me wonder if you have tried speaking to a teacher, administrator or school counselor. They are there to help you and I’m sure they would.
Jade, the most important thing though is to please talk to your Mother. Tell her how lonely you are and how you feel that you are invisible. Sit down with her and tell her you need her help to break through. Ask her to please go with you to the school councilor or help you find a youth group or after school program of kids your own age with similar likes and interests so you can join.
Honey, knowing your options and getting started is always the toughest part of anything and writing me was your first step so the next steps should be easier. Now you have a plan, you know what to do, speak to your Mother, your teacher, your counselor, find a church youth group or an after school program, then get out there. I am very proud of you for writing and I know you will do well. Jade all you needed was to be pointed in the right direction, now get moving!

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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