My husband is an ass. I feel like he is always picking on me or trying to trip me. Or do something to hurt me. Today while outside with our children he was deliberately tossing the basketball at me in hopes of hitting me while i was sitting. I just think this is total disrespect, and immaturity and it’s completely pis*ing me off . No surprise though, his father acts this way towards his mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I lost it though when my son who is 7 copied my husband and tossed a football towards me. I grabbed my son and explained how that is mean and it makes me sad that he’d want to hurt me and that he is not to ever behave that way. My son, Even though he is little, saw my hurt and cried and apologized, and kept telling me how much he loves mommy. How can a grown man show that type of behavior for his kids to repeat? I let my husband know that this is sh*t and he is really pathetic. And believe me when the kids are asleep I am really going to let him know how I feel. A marriage is supposed to be romantic and love, so what the heck did I get into. I swear he picks on me worse than my brother ever has and I am just about at my limit. I want to raise my boys to be good men so when my husband displays immature behavior like that , i straighten that up fast. I don’t need that….. Is this normal?

Dear Sandra,

NO, that is not normal. It is not in anyway normal for grow man to act like a 10 year old and treat the woman he loves, the woman he asked to share his life, the woman he has a family with, like his 8 year old younger brother.
Are you kidding?
Ask Hubby Bully how he would react if your sons treated each other in such a manor. Throwing balls at each other and tripping each other for “fun and joke.. Would he discipline them and lecture them about being kind to one another? Plain and simple your husband is a disrespectful bully and he needs to stop acting like he is 10 years and start acting like a husband and father. He is setting a very bad example for his sons and it will eventually bite him in the butt. Oh and don’t let him feed you a line of bullshit saying, “I am only teasing you, it is just a “joke”, because a joke is funny to everyone not meant to hurt someone.
I wholeheartedly agree we need a few good children, boys or girls. Lord knows it is hard enough to raise a child so we need to guide our sons and teach them to be respectful members of society not school yard bullies.
Speak again to your husband about this immature behavior and if he doesn’t stop show him this letter. Maybe he will understand when I tell him he is acting like a school yard bully and if it doesn’t stop in years to come, when his sons remember this he maybe the one getting schooled.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs

One Tough Muther


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