I lost the love of my life to a car wreck 8 months ago and everyday is a struggle. I miss her so much. Jenn was the first woman I’ve ever been with and it was true love and I will never get over this. Ever. I don’t have much support because of the fact that the relationship wasn’t ok with both families. Gay was hard for both families to swallow. I will never get over her will I.

Dear Nikki,

I am so very sorry, I lost someone I loved tragically in the last 2 years and completely understand how you feel.
Nikki, it WILL take time. Time to comprehend, time to grieve, time to cry, to adjust, to accept, to move forward, to begin again but you will do it.
Will you ever get over her, you ask? NO, but you will accept it and move past it. For the rest of your life there will be a special, hallowed, sacred place in your heart for Jenn where you will carry her forever.
Time heals most wounds or allows us the space we need to mend them. Take your time, go slowly but go forward every day step by step and before you know it the wound will scar. Scars are strengthen anguish that we heal from inside out, that leave a mark on us forever.
Dear Nikki, you will heal and you will love again but you will never completely forget, the magic of the moment you and Jenn connected or why. Like me you will go slowly forward until the moments become days and the days months and the fresh wound starts to mend. Until then breathe and remember she loved you.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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