OTM, I usually keep my hair pretty short but I am growing it out now. It’s about shoulder length. It seems that whenever I grow my hair out I shed like crazy. I’m finding hair all over. It’s on my clothes, down inside my bra, I take a shower and washing my hair makes my hair just come out. It’s not clumps or anything and I don’t have bald spots but it’s strands everywhere. It’s really annoying. Why do you think this happens. Is my hair so dry that it just falls out? I do wash it every day. I know people say not to. My sister in law even said try to wash my hair just once or twice a week. But I can’t do that, I get grossed out. I’m almost considering chopping it again!!

Dear Naomi,

I looked it up and spoke to my friend who owns a salon and both authorities told me, people lose an average of 50-100 hairs a day. Of course drying our hair out with hash shampoos, a ton of styling products, blow drying, coloring, winter hats, the strong summer sun and so on can definitely contribute to hair loss. However what I do understand is some of the two biggest factors in hair loss are heredity and nutrition.
You must nourish your hair and your skin for that matter from the inside out.
Naomi, I am with you 100%, I can’t go without washing my hair at least every other day, I eat protein and take biotin supplements and I drink a ton of water. gentle shampoos, very little if any product and a huge amount of conditioner.
I dry my hair dry because it takes to long to dry so the blow dryer does beat my hair up.
If you are really worried go speak to your doctor and ask him to run some blood work. There are some medical issues that can attribute to hair loss but from your letter it doesn’t sound like your hair loss is not that severe.

Naomi, some hair loss everyday is normal but if it gets worse or you feel it is getting worse I would go to a doctor for piece of mind.

Good Luck & Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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