Gordana Biernat is a thought leader, writer, speaker and wisdom keeper. She has been selected as one of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 teachers-a group of 100 awakened leaders who are using their voices and talent to elevate humanity.

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The one tough mother podcast, the one tough mother show, he’s real talk with special guests including industry leaders, celebrities and amazing women who’ve overcome adversities to work their way to the top and are willing to share their real life lessons. Remember, you don’t have to be a mother to be one tough mother. It’s all about you and we’re here happy new year and going welcomed at wintec mothers show it’s going to be a great show. I actually lost sleep over having this guest. I kept saying it. Does that by mostly prefer this guest because she’s an amazing,

amazing woman and I hope everybody’s had a fabulous holiday and a fabulous new year. Two thousand 18 is going to be rocking. Seth told me what you did. I worked. I worked in. We just, uh, we got some food and we just chilled out and watched the bad tv that’s on New Year’s eve and a brother in the new year. You know, it was so cold like I, it’s funny cause normally we hear of fireworks. I live way out in the country, so we hear a lot of fireworks. Actually. Some people shoot off a gun and it’s crazy. It was silence. Dead Silence. Fireworks are legal known in Jersey. Their target and stop and shop. Oh really? I didn’t even know that. It’s so weird. I know. It was very, very quiet. But um, yeah. So happy new year everyone. I kind of did the, the normal. I just kinda stayed in and had my wine and enjoy just being home in warmth.

Cozy, cozy. Yet that’s exactly what I did. But today I have to tell you on today’s show, we welcome an honored guest all the way from Sweden to Adana. Bruno is a thought leader, writer, speaker, and wisdom keeper. She’s been selected as one of Oprah’s super soul, 100 teachers, a group of 100 awakened leaders who are using their voices and talents to elevate humanity. It was with great admiration and gratitude and joy. And even though I’m tired, I’m super, super happy to welcome to the mother show Jordanna Renault. Hello Jordanna. And thank you so much for being on the show today. And um, is Sweden as cold as it is right now in the United States were experienced this arctic freeze, are you guys having that as well?

Uh, no, actually very. We’re not having that. We are having one of the warmer winters because it’s much warmer than usual, but it just started. So who knows, maybe the Arctic freeze.

No, no, no, I hope not. No, you don’t want that please, I don’t want you to have that as I told you

to me. Yes,

go ahead. I’m sorry.

No, I was thinking since I live in Sweden, we usually have very cold winters here, but as it is now, it feels more like November or something like that.

Have you been, you’ve been to the states, right?

Yes, I have. I’ve been in, in La and in San Francisco and I love it there, but I haven’t been there when it’s that cold. So.

Oh yeah. You don’t want to come over now. Anyways, I didn’t sleep last night because I was so anxiously waiting this interview because I’ve purchased your book for myself and her friend and you have such a clear way of explaining what you feel is the essence or essential in life which is knowing when self exactly how do we get to truly know ourselves

well? It’s by being present in the now moment, by always being focused in the now moment and I can share a truth. Salt from my book has said now the truth. I’m a thought number 271. This is like sharing a secret of your true identity with you, so if you put your hand on your heart and repeat after me, I am the light in the darkness. I am the love in the hate comments and storm. I am the coverage in the fear. When you do this, you actually connect to the divine ones. Behind all this. You could connect

your sores.

That is what it’s all about. Being aware and being in the now moments, knowing who you are is really strongly connected to being aware. I’m very present in the moment because you’re the one receiving your reality on you are not your feelings or your thoughts. You’re the one doing all the feelings and the same thing. I think that’s why we failed to know ourselves, is that most of us would read well in the past or think about the future all the time on that disconnects us from the now moment. So one of the best ways to know yourself is to start observing the divine one seeing evening. I’m thinking within you, when you do this little exercise I did with you, put your hand on your heart and repeat, I am the light in the darkness. You actually truly connect to who you are. You are the love and the hate. You are the calmness and that is your true identity, but sometimes society tricks us into believe that we need to jump into the storm and that we become the Hay. Then we become the fear. So it’s important to be aware in the now moment and remember if you are the love and the hate and I’ll the other way around.

That’s amazing. And you know what? I feel like you’re right. I think society has conditioned us to think of the future all the time, like what are you going to be in the future and what’s going to happen in the future from the time we’re children that we forget to live in the now.

Yeah, I think. I think the children are amazing when it comes to that because are focused so focused in the now moment. They don’t actually understand the concept, the time. They don’t understand your journey and path. They’re focused in their passions and the now it’s amazing to watch them, so they are the masters of being in the now moment.

You’re right, you’re Dana. How did you get started on this life journey of inspiration and empowering others? What started you?

What that. That is a very tricky question for me because I’ve always been on this path of elimination. Even as a child, I remember asking questions with my teachers felt that, oh my God, here she comes again.


I would say, can you explain one this to me and I mean a teacher had difficulties and explaining these things to me, so I’ve always been on this path and always being curious about reality and I have always worked with people, but I think that it’s only recently that I started creating my reality. Let me put it this way more deliberately by allowing my inner voice to speak with out filtering it through my condition mine and I think that it all started in 2013 where I unknowingly became a wisdom philanthropist on twitter. I mean my intention was to share my thoughts and I wasn’t aware of the impact my thoughts would make. I just felt like sharing and five years later, here I am today, I have 340,000 followers on twitter, a book that is published by Hay House and I’m an invited member of Oprah, super soul, 100


And I mean my life has not always been this. So I think I do dare say that we do. We create our own realities by what we think an intent in this reality. So I’ve always been there, always thought about the ruminating things, but it is only recently that I started to share it and it’s through social media. I simply became fearless and started sharing my thoughts on filtered and just put them out there. They came to live in my head.

That’s amazing. And you have used social media in the way it should be used. It’s never. It should never be used to impress people. It should be used to impact people and you have most certainly impacted so many. And the fact that Oprah actually look. Did you and said you needed to be one per 100 hand chosen inspirational speakers? I have a question. Um, there was something about you being born on one. Tell me about that when you were born.

I was born on 11, the 11th November, which means 11, 11, 11 minutes past 11.


for numbers of 11 in my birth date, which I actually coming from Sweden, I didn’t even think about that. It was nothing to me. But when I started speaking to people in the US, everybody was going, oh my God, this is so great. It’s 1111, so I started looking into it a bit more honest. It’s a magical number. So it’s, it’s fascinating to be born on that date at the time.

Yeah. Because you were a young girl when you started really thinking deeply and deep feelings, correct?

Yeah, I mean I, as I said, I was 11 when I figure it out, but the reality out there and the reality in my head are made of the same stuff and I did this because I was trying to figure out where the universe and ended. So I was laying in my bed and I was roaming the universe trying to find the outer edge of it and I couldn’t because every time I reached it in my imagination and south like, oh my God, there are more universities there, there are more stars, more galaxies. But my imagination is incidents. So I thought OK, so I run to the window and look outside and maybe somehow reality out there it will show me where the unit, where the universe. And so I looked outside and it looks the same as it looks in my head, and I was thinking, oh my God, it’s the same thing. The universe out there is made of the same stuff as the universe. In my head. I had this illumination moment of illumination and I was 11 years old when I have it. So that, that’s the kind of thought I occupied my mind when I was a child.

No, that’s amazing. What kind of. What gifts do you think that everybody possesses? All people possess gifts. What gifts do you think that each of us has in us and how do we find them and use them?

Well, I think that’s maybe it is challenging for people to find their gifts because maybe it will work easier if we just changed the word gifts. Strengths, it’s easier to find your strength. I mean we all have strengths and we often think about someone who was born with a talent or a gift, like you know, someone that can sing really well or play an instrument or as clairvoyance. And that can make us think that we don’t have any good. Because you simply feel that we’re too average, but it think of it as strength and then what you do with ease and without effort be considered a gift or a drink. And I think that many of us take for granted because they feel so natural to us. We don’t even consider them as anything special. So for instance, if I would give you an example, I love to find and explore the bright side of obstacles and I can’t help but immediately something someone else’s true feeling.

So my strength or gift, if you wish, would be that I am really positive and I am a natural communicator. And look what I’m doing today. I’m communicating positive thoughts with people around the world every day. So I think that’s the easiest way to find your gifts or your strength is to do, as we said earlier in the program do as children do because shoulders literally follow their passions and that is the best way to find your strengths. So the things you do with interests and without any efforts or even taking the things you do with lots of joy and love and pleasure. These are your [inaudible], so I think the ask yourself, where do I find slow and then do more of that. I can give an example from my wife. I find slow and writing for instance, and I have always loved reading, so writing is a natural consequence of that. So I think it’s, it’s all about relabeling gifts to strength and then look what you love in your life. That’s where your strengths are because what you love is actually who you are. That would be your strengths and gifts.

That’s very true. How do you think as people, how do you think is connectors? How do you think as communicators we could help other people find a happier, fuller life. Like how can we help people find something or get something they need? We, we always communicate with each other, but I mean really deeply communicate with one another to take it our relationships to another level.

Well, again, we talked about children and I think that they are actually the illuminators of this world. I think that we, we literally need to learn how children play because children have not forgotten who they truly are and we have forgotten how to play and how to create a the children, they they haven’t forgotten their purpose in life. They know that life is supposed to be explored. That’s why they play, and I think we need to allow our children to show us the way they need to learn how to be more present and to ask questions and to be more curious and seek joy instead of dodging fear and I think that is the question or actually that is the answer to your question. You have to start exploring this life more joyously on with less fear. That’s how we learn how to live a happier life. We have to start exploring the things we love in this reality that when that is where we find happiness, we can’t find happiness if we don’t love what you do, so that is essential. I think

I agree with you and you know what? I love your view on the law of attraction because I believe in it deeply. I believe that if you have a positive outlook on life and your positive, I mean I think that we attract what we put out. Can you get into that a little bit with me?

Well, of course the law of attraction is actually. I write about it in the book, but I don’t lie about it like law of attraction. I call it something else. I call it the law of course on the frequency because when you look at it, law of attraction implies if you have to pull something to you, whereas I don’t think that that is the way we are actually creating this reality. I think that we are creating this reality by allowing a specific frequency to us and allowing it to you, which means that you cannot. You cannot put a frequency that you are not yourself. You have to be the frequency you try to perceive out there and I think that that is what the law of attraction is all about, is about understanding that you are the one looking into the mirror. You cannot expect the mirror to change first. You have to smile if you want to see the mirror smile back at you. That is in essence what the law of attraction is all about, that you perceive your life as you are, not as you wanted to be. It is as you believe it to be. I don’t know if it makes sense to you, but that’s the way I. I explained this in the book.

I understand that and you know what? Honestly, I liked the fact that you mentioned the fact that your reality in your perception of reality is only yours. It’s not the person next to you and I think we tried to fit so many people into a box or into a circle a certain way that it should be thought of. Things should be thought a certain way or are done a certain way and I think that hurts us. Honestly. I think having the child like mind of exploring other options in and learning and continuing on in life with, with exploration being important, I think it opens. It opens a lot of us up to a lot of things. If you were a young girl or a young girl come to you, what would your guidance be for her? If she wanted to really, really go out and and manifest her life she wants. She had a big idea on life, should have big goals in her life. What would you say to her to manifest that?

That’s what actually be like using notes to my younger self, so on a soul level I would say stop doubting yourself, exploring your life the way it was meant to be, and that’s in fearlessly there. Nothing to fear out there. Everything is an exploration. There is no figure. It is all is actually feed back and you either win or you learn. There is no loser in between there it is only you either win or you learn something, so it’s all good to relax into that, to start trusting yourself. If you are the ones for sitting the reality, this is your reality.

On a more practical level, I would give myself or beyond human three things that you can start doing right away and I think that immediately set you in the right direction. So the first thing would be to set an intention for the day in the morning and this is not a hard thing to do and an intention could be like today I will stay out of drama, negativity and energy draining people, and then you stick to that intention. You do knock it in size of it, you remind yourself during the day. But this is my intention for today. So it’s like it’s like putting on glasses. It’s changes your output completely and you perceive the day in a different way. And the second thing would be that I would love her to take 10 minutes every day to day, dream of little. And I don’t think that anyone should ignore this one because a daydream is a serious thing.

It is actually a blueprint of your future self. You are actually telling your mind what you want to proceed in your reality and thus creating your reality. A daydream can be about anything you desire. I mean the perfect partner, vacation, vocation, whatever. But you go to a quiet place and nurse yourself in the details of your day dream because that is to put the seeds in the ground for the garden you want to cultivate in your reality as the thing, and this one is also important. Never ever go to sleep without feeling gratitude. Appreciate the things that happened during the day and just say thank you for everything. That was good. I mean if you can’t find a lot of things, you can just sign for the sunshine today or whatever you find this thing, but just say thank you before you go to sleep, because it’s important to raise your frequency before falling asleep.

You’re going to be in that frequency for eight hours during the night and if you are in a high frequency of appreciation and gratitude, it’s will. It will give an age, your body and your mind and your soul and start today with a higher frequency than usual. So those three things are really, really important that intentions, daydream and appreciate. I know that when I started doing this, I started feeling that I was more teeth in my inner reality, but also I was more in control of my reactions to my Algebra reality. And when you feel this, this changes everything for you I think are important for anyone that wants to start or anyone that wants to explore their lives more.

That’s amazing. And I have to ask you, I just have to like, did all of a sudden you get a tweet from Oprah said, hey, want to be on my team? How did that happen?


Oh my gosh. And just the thought that up.

It’s exactly how to describe it. A, it wasn’t a, it was a surprise to me and I was very, very honored by it, but it’s actually exactly as you’re describing it. I wouldn’t put it better. I couldn’t find better words for it.



Excellent. Well, now I feel, I feel like I really was in that reality for a moment. I have to talk about your book too. I got your book. It’s amazing. I love it. Um, it’s another book that you read. You sit and read that chapter, chapter, it’s a book, did you read and you go back and then you go back and then you go back. Like I pick up little things that I like out of every time I go back and look at this or look at that and the name of the book again is Hashtag know the truth. Why? Knowing who you are changes everything and you’re right. It was Hay House actually published your book. Was this your first book?

Yes. This was my first book and it manifested exactly as I wanted. It was. I didn’t know that I had written it because as I told you I was sleeping. I was for years before I realized that I had actually written a book through my tweets, so the book came to life through my twenties.

Who did that happen?

Yes. I picked out the best suites and then I elaborated on them and if it’s actually a classic because I get so much love back from people that have bought the book, use it like a, like an oracle. They use it in a simplistic way. I mean, you can think of a number of them, you can jump right into the book and read is the truth that has that number on it and it didn’t give you the message for today or give you the guidance you need for that task you want to do. I do it myself because it’s it. It feels wonderful to get messages from my source. That way we can play around with it. If you give me a number, I can read the numbers for you.

Number seven.

Let’s see. I can find it here. Let’s see. No, seven, seven, seven were number seven is, oh my God. Listen to this. Put your hands on your hearts. D is the God given gifts, listened to it. It will always tell you the truth.

That came right out of my head and I love this book. I have gone back and forth and I’ll be honest with you, when I wake up in the morning, I get up about 5:40 every morning. I spend a couple of minutes reading a page in the book passage or a number in the book. I think it’s amazing. I think you’ve done an amazing job. You have to give some credit to Gregor because wasn’t he the one that said when they wanted you, you can write a book and he suggests you’ve done already written the book.

Yes. That was actually how I. that’s. That was how he worked with me because he actually put seven or eight of my pre together and he showed me the text and I was reading the text and I was wondering, Oh my God, it looks nicest, but when did I write this? I don’t remember writing such a long passage on it. And he said, well, these are eight of your trees. And it was a week between the trees, but when he puts them together, they kind of slowly slowing on and it was calm. I couldn’t understand the text and it sounded like I written it in one so that the second I realized that, Oh my God, I’ve written them

do something with that.

  1. So, well he has always done these kinds of things. You live in nature in my life

now. You said you’ve been married. How many years?

We’ve been married for 32 years. I’ve been in love with him for 32 years of my life in an amazing adventure we’re on in this physical reality.

Well, you’re an amazing woman and he was very, very kind in helping me when we were trying to connect, so he’s amazing as well. All I can say is thank you. Thank you so much for being who you are. Thank you for being brave enough to speak out to, to be someone public enough to put your thoughts on, on twitter, and have everyone listening and um, thank you for being on our show. I was. I’m just as thrilled now as I was last night that the interview was fabulous. You’re wonderful.

Thank you so much for allowing my salt into your reality, Karen, and thank you for having me on the show. This was really, really fun for me to do. Thank you so much.

Oh, you’re so welcome. And please, if you come to the states, please, please come and see us or call us and we’re going to come in, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, but before we hang up, I want to tell you, please tell everyone where they can find you on twitter.

I am at my power. Talk on twitter

at my power talk and that’s amazing. And I’m, you know, I’m there all the time. So thank you again. My best to you and I have to say happy new year to both you and Gregor. I, I’m sure this is going to have many, many blessings for you both.

Thank you so much and the same to a great near 2018 two.

Thank you. Have a lovely, lovely day.

Thank you. Bye Bye. Bye.

And we’ll be right back.

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And now it’s time for that.

You got it. Hit Him.

Then we just talked about the sponsor brought to you by story blocks.com. But you love this, Karen. Karen isn’t your favorite question

for Ya. God asks me that. I’m going to be like,

ah, yeah. I mean it’s. Well, what’s not funny about it is the United States has been in a deep freeze and is to blame for at least four deaths in the midwest. You know, pets being left outside, even sharks were found dead. Massachusetts sharks because sharks are supposed to be smart, right?

The water temperature is, is higher than air temperature right now. I don’t know.

I don’t know either, but it’s, uh, it’s, it’s really unbelievable. You know, um, I think Friday the 26th and 27th, uh, an additional 16 inches of lake effect. Snow fill on a record, 65 inches a little earlier in the week in Erie, Pennsylvania, so far more than a hundred and 19 inches have accumulated in Erie, Pennsylvania this month.

Glad I don’t live there.

US officials urging residents to help vulnerable elderly and sick, bringing your pets and don’t stay outside for a prolonged time as a deep freeze sets across half the country, Midwest and northeast brain. Colder temperatures than those of Antarctica or parts of Mars. That blew my mind. I. I’m not going to Marcia, I’m not going to money. The other day, my son, my four year old, said I’m gonna to go outside. It’s really cold out. I want to go outside. Let’s go outside and walked around a little bit. We’re playing with elite because the, the landscapers never cleaned up. Beliefs, so it piles of leaves in the driveway and eventually, you know, 15 minutes. I’m cold. I want go.

Yeah. All right, let’s do it buddy. My little dogs, I had my little frogs. I called them because they’re not even big enough to be dogs, but bronx, Bronx. I put my cream on their poles because it’s, it’s actually what they use in, you know, Alaska, you put it on their policy, their pulse mushers cream. It’s called Musher’s cream on my face and I put it on their poles and they still wouldn’t walk down. They’re like, oh my God, my God, I want to go back in and I know it’s ridiculous. So stop with the cold already and yes, it is cold

for you. The way we on January first thousands of workers in California will receive a pay raise. California is one of the 18 states that will increase minimum wage for the new year increases start on December 31st. When New York state law goes into effect, so it’s California and New York. According to New York State, Department of Labor, minimum wage in New York City will be 12 or 13 an hour depending on the size of the company. Employers in island and Westchester was soon have to pay employees $11 an hour. The rest of the state will have a minimum wage of $10 and forty cents. Each of those four groups will have another increase in December 2018 for people who are not from this area in New York City and the rest of the state are very different. New York state is very rural and suburban and not like the city. So you know, people think New York, they think of the city and New York is huge. That’s just one small part of the state. So that’s why there’s a difference like that,

which was like seven, 25 federal minimum wage.

I didn’t know who can live on that. $13 an hour in small states. They can. Well, I don’t know. It’s, it’s, it’s very tough and that’s why, you know, we raise our children to get education and to have a skill set is very important to. If you don’t go to college, go to get it to go to a trade school. I mean you have to learn a trade or learning or be educated.

Yeah, it’s, it’s, it makes me very sad to think that you’re making $13 an hour, honestly. Set. Think about this. You just made the price of a pizza in one hour. Honest to God, I was thinking pizza. Yeah. I was thinking that last night when I was doing something, I was thinking to myself, you know what? 13 bucks an hour is like buying a car,

so back in the day and I still see it. Those jobs were for, for kids, young people, young adults, and I still see so many. I know I love when I get the Super King supermarket. He just took pride in his work and that it was a young kid. I was like, this kid’s going to be OK.

Yeah. I liked that too. Yeah.

Hope. Where did the popup to say this year? I don’t know. What did the popup to say? Pope Francis. Yes. He uses new years day address, Uhh, to highlight the struggles of migrants and refugees calling upon global leaders to offer more assistance in 2018. He pay tribute to those who have made long and dangerous journeys in an attempt to achieve a better future. Seeing that migrants and refugees, men and women seeking peace. This is the motto of this day. January first has been designated as world peace date by the Catholic Church. For instance, maybe the appeal before an estimated 40,000 devoted, uh, during his, uh, Angeles address on Monday and St Peter’s Square, Vatican please set, um, eh, we don’t know what tough is and struggle as people in this country compared to where you see people holding their babies and running for their lives. So it was one of the pictures of the year. I think time is one of those things, put out images of the year and we just don’t know what’s real struggle is and it’s unfortunate that there’s too much other things going on in the world that we don’t focus on the people which we shall be focusing on instead of oil and power and control and craziness.

There’s so much going on in this country that we don’t focus on as well as far as children and single mothers and people with cancer insurance wise that, um, we need to get a control of that as well instead of, you know, tweeting out ridiculous tweets and just being stupid across the board. But I’m not going to get into that more than that on a global level. I agree. There wouldn’t be any people are starving and of course we have our usual headaches with Hollywood, Hollywood acts against harassment of 300 Hollywood actresses, agents, producers, directors, and executives have launched an initiative to combat harassment in the entertainment industry and blue collar work places in the US reports New York Times. The project which is called times up, will include a $13,000,000 legal defense fund for to support women who wish to report sexual harassment and effort to increase gender parody at studios and agencies and support for legislation that limits the use of non-disclosure agreements for harassment claims. Terms of participants include well-known industry figures like Shonda rhimes, reese witherspoon, and America Ferrara. The projects launched comes after a year in which the industry entertainment industry was Robert. Several sexual harassment scandals. I didn’t even know that they tried until this was brought up.

Non-Disclosure agreements about sexual harassment to work there when they asked them or wouldn’t hold up. Hold up, cut it. It’s ridiculous. Um, I think it’s great that, uh, you know, that this issue has risen in the. I think it will give women more courage to, into report. And I talked to her freshman in college at Umass and she’s saying she knows girls that had been raped in the first semester. She’s been there recently. Used kidding? No, she’s up in Massachusetts. In the fraternity parties. You’ve got to watch your back still putting stuff and drinks and all that stuff is still happening. And girls are afraid to report it. She knows girls that have happened to it and they won’t report it. The date rape drug and actually have a reseller for bottles. We bottle of here with the cap on it. You feel like you’re OK.

They take the caps off and they drug the bottles and they reseal them sealer. Oh no, that’s how far they’ve gone with us. Yeah, it’s crazy. So still have a long way to go with that. And you know, that’s a bigger. That’s a bigger discussion. Like who are these kids? Parents that would do such a thing to put stuff in bottles. And it’s horrible. It’s disgusting. Sorry. That’s beyond headache. I’m, we’re going to move on to school grades still matter. Do they? I mean, not only do they, uh, causing anxiety, you know, says the Atlantic, but grades also appear to discourage creativity and risk. Tanky was taking the very skills that are increasingly valued in the workplace well give students reliably, uh, end up as well. Justice professionals, they’re never the trailblazers. Visionaries we admire according to Boston College survey of Valedictorians students lives give it, gives the teachers just what they expect to get the grade instead of aiming to learn the aim to ace the test. More and more educators recommend that instead of a memorization, schools should focus on instilling a passion for learning and the motivation to succeed. Now, how do you grade that?

Seriously? Because I’m a road education where you have to memorize, memorize. Well, how is that? Eh? I don’t know. I don’t believe in that actually. I think that having creativity and, and not having to, to constantly cram things down your throat is a much easier way to learn

the proven that with music programs kids do better to. Yeah, real life, right?

Real life, um, episode should be taught. So I think that’s like my son. I’ll tell you just a quick see, my son is a principal at the high school, but when he was a teacher, he taught in his math class how to buy a car. He let every kid in the math class pick a car. They wanted any car they wanted. Then they had to negotiate the deal and what the car would cost them and everything about the car for a year, the insurance, the gas and upkeep on the car and the guys, of course, a lot of kids came in with like Ferrari’s and really, you know, hot cars corvette until they figured out it was going to cost him how much to work to own that car and it was a great lesson. I thought that was a really good lesson. Life lessons, life lessons are really important. I think they should be definitely taught. I agree. And we get to our last one, which is

California rings in the New Year with legalized pot and they’re not the only one. What do you think about that? I’m not against it. I’m not s I don’t smoke. I’m not saying I never did, but I’m not a smoker and it’s not as if it’s the same as alcohol to me or maybe even less so, you know, you don’t see, you don’t hear about people smoking pot and getting a violent or abusive just doesn’t happen. So I mean there’s, there’s other negatives about a two, but if you’re going to have alcohol be legal, then there’s no reason from your white medical, uh, not. Well, marijuana can be recreational. I agree. I’m sorry. I do emphasize that the plant as an incredible amount of positive uses, that’s why there’s medical marijuana to, to the point where it helps cancer. It helps be cancer. I mean, I’m not an expert, but I’ve looked enough at it to, I think. I think what’s been holding it back is a pharmaceutical companies. I believe that as well. Yeah. Well, they don’t want these people to go buy a joint for 20 bucks a month in that to get their prescription pill. I’m still surprised at the pharmaceutical companies haven’t figured out how to leverage marijuana for their own use. Here’s what’s going to happen there. They’re going to eventually somehow turn it so that you have to get it approved through a pharmacy through a pharmaceutical company because, um, that’s what they do with everything and it’s ridiculous.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts to recreational also might be one other state. I gotta look it up, but no, California Massachusetts, but California forever. They’ve had in medical and I know people live there. You go to a Russian doctor, whatever, and you give them $300 and so you have headaches or you have psoriasis or whatever and you get your license was hoping New Jersey and New York. We’re going to soon because I actually invested in medical marijuana and marijuana. I did because I thought we’d be great investment. I felt it was going to be like the prohibition and eventually it’s going to be legalized. And um, I think that it’s, it’s got so many great, great. And not just saying recreational, of course I’m saying, you know, epilepsy they say helps epilepsy, cancer. There’s so many things is huge. But also thinking about if they made it a federally legal, all the taxing, all the money that could raise, you know, of course I take it and use it stupidly [inaudible] or every for every state, 50 percent of all taxes collected in marijuana go to education or to go to hunger or whatever.

You know that there’s a designated percentage. I mean, nobody will be voted against that. You could say. It’s just like, look at the lottery’s raised so much money. We don’t know where that goes. Is supposed to go to education. Bringing that up. I have to bring this up now. They added a number two. The mega millions are few numbers. I’m not sure how many cost more to do you have less chance of winning because they added numbers to it and it costs more because they’ll stop. Nobody’s wanting weeks and both of them. The powerball Mega, mega millions. I know I said Tim, mail manage your mom. I said, Hey Mike, like 500,000,000 or something. And she’s like a Frat guy that it’s like she doesn’t want to deal with. But um, yeah, I’ll take it. And they give it to me. I’m not a big lottery winner. In fact, I’m not a big lottery person. Get a pool going when it got big. Oh yeah. That definitely.

It made me really stop buying as much as I used to it. And I bought a lot. But I realized that when nobody wins for three or four weeks, if you had every single ticket bought for the last three or four weeks, you still wanting to win. Yeah. So it’s like imagining what your odds are just astronomical. But then again, you see these people when like they just bought a ticket or whatever. That one was in anyone. Again, six months later there was a guy that actually did that and I was like, Oh, I hate that guy. So anyway, so, um, when we come back we’re going to have tough mother male and gail is not here yet. She’s still with family. Were hoping to

see her next week. In the meantime, thanks for listening. We’ll be right back.

Mother podcast. We’ll talk with amazing women who have worked their way to the top and want to share their real life lessons with you and we’re back and we have

the males in

Miss Gail only because she’s awesome, but her name rhymes with male, tough, tough mother Gal with a tough mother mail. It’s just has a nice ring to try this. Tough brothers, seth with the tough. Here we go first. Uh, our first day, dear mother, my friend thinks it’s OK to steal from Walmart. He thinks it’s fun like a game and he gets a ton of stuff for cheap and make some money. He says, is that the store really cared. They wouldn’t make it so easy. I know it’s wrong, but believe me, it’s very easy. What actually happens if you get caught? I mean, what can they do to a 14 year old signed stuff

the way this kid is a sounds like he’s going to do it. He’s definitely going to do or he’s already done it and I’m not sure if my friend, not kid, because he knows how easy it is. How many times did he say Dez? Right? Well, here’s what can happen, dude. You’re getting a lot of trouble. You can be arrested, right? And it can go on your record to Juvie. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What are you stealing that you have to have it that bad or it’s just a game. Obviously it’s a, it’s a game at this point.

Cry for attention and it was a whole parent thing. Raises issues to me. Yeah. But you know, I think kids learn at some point, you know, maybe some older, some younger, you know, the five year old grabs this or that and you have to tell them no, you’re not allowed to pay for it. So can I have. I have a walmart story. I stopped in a pickup some last minute. Chris Christmas gifts and I think I told you this offline, you know, they have a circular baggage system. So I bought, I grabbed it like a Hazel nut candy thing that was on the rack and as I’m walking out my candy and I couldn’t find it. So I was like, oh. So I was missing a couple of little things. I had my big things that obviously you can’t miss your big, big items for Christmas, the toys.

So I went back and I said, oh, I’m missing a couple things in that bag. There was like, no, it’s not. Oh, here it is. She does this several times a day and fix little things just by her reaction. That’s what I was my guess. Maybe she just, cause she didn’t, wasn’t apologetic or nothing. She’s just like, Oh, here, check your bags. Yeah. Yeah, and I’ve said some a little things and almost like she did on purpose. You banked a little thing separately. A couple of things. That gum for Melissa and I had this can’t. Yeah, so that was interesting. Sometimes Walmart steals from you, so there you go, kid. Nothing. Seriously.

It’s obvious that you’re doing it because I don’t care what you’re saying about your friend Dan. Dan, stop, stop doing it. You can get a lot of trouble. What it makes you look really trashy and stupid.

You’re going to hurt someone. Right? I picked up lunch a few weeks ago and it was really tiny places, women, beautiful little place and she was running it herself. I ordered. She brought it out to me. He gave it to me to go. I said, I have to pay for this. So I said I couldn’t walk out of here with the food if I didn’t pay for it. So eventually learn the value of money and the value of respect people and it’s just. You don’t want to carry that around with you because that will come back to bite you.

Right, right, right. And if you start with Walmart, you never know where you’re going to go from there. We’ll feed this one dear tough mother. Why can’t I be happy? I try. I really do. And I honestly don’t have anything to be upset, sad or mad about. I just never feel happy. I thought once I got out from under my parent’s room and was in college, I’d be free and I’d be happy that I’m not. Truth is college is not all it’s cracked up to be, that’s for damn sure. I don’t really have any friends. Not Real friends here anyway, please don’t tell me to join a club or an event doing something that I’m good at or love because I don’t want to. I just want to go home. Winter break is almost over and I have to go back. What should I do? Drop out. Here we go.

No. Is there any history of being sad? You know, is there any like medical, you know that we talked about depression and stuff before. I don’t know if there’s any history there. I’m, this person never feels happy. I mean you have to look in, you know, just like, uh, you know, our guests, we had Jordanna today. You have to look within and decide what makes you happy and do what you want. And then again, if you want to transfer transfer, if you feel like, hey, cause that’s sometimes happens at school is not to replace for you, but the meantime, focus on your grades. Finished a year, you know, in focus on your schoolwork because that’s. We forget. College is fun and it’s a lot of fun. But at the end of the day, you got to get, you’re paying for an education, so focus on your schoolwork and find something off campus that you’re interested in doing, you know,

try to do something. Do you want to do what does make you happy to do that? Maybe you’re a runner. You want to go on to join a running club. It doesn’t have to be part of school. It could be outside of school. Wherever you are homesick, realize, oh, I’m free. I’m free. Oh, I miss my family. So that’s possible to all four of my kids. All four of them went to college. I think all four came home, winter break and we’re like, Hey, the beginning of college, the beginning of anything is a big change for you, especially being away from your family and you had some kind of preconceived notion that it was going to be something. It isn’t. When it doesn’t turn out to be what you wanted it to be. You right away. When to stop giving some time. I mean you can’t look to every.

You can’t make something make you happy. Like, oh, should be making me happier. That should be making that happiness is you. You are the only person that can make yourself happy. So stop trying to pin it on the school. Stopped trying to pin it on. You don’t want to do, you know, wasn’t what you thought. You don’t have friends and really try to think about I’m going to do this. I’m going to be positive about it. I’m going to give a shot. Finished the year and if you don’t like it says transfer, figure something out but at least finished the year and give it a really good shot

or something. Maybe you go to high school, go to college and that doesn’t work for everybody. I definitely went to school too quick and I had a tough time my first semester and I eventually got did well, but if I could do over again, I don’t know. I would travel for a year. I would do something. I’ll work save money because you think like you have to do this timeline. I got to go to college from high school to September, I’m going to go to college and it’s not true, you know, I didn’t have any guidance and I just did it. I just thought I was supposed to do on a no regrets, but if I could do things differently and do things differently. Sure.

Yeah. So give it, give it some time and try to make yourself happy. I mean, you know, do something that you love.

What makes you happy to do that on campus, off campus, whatever it is. Do that and focus on your schoolwork. Me One more letter, dear one. Tough mother and brother. Just kidding. I have a very delicate issue and I don’t know what to do. I think one of my best friend girlfriends who is lives four houses down from mine, is a prescription junkie and an alcoholic. I’ve known Nancy for 23 years and she has always had a recurring issue with depression, but now he’s gotten way worse since menopause. She’s on a few different medications for her shoulder injury and has always enjoyed her gin, but lately her quirky beaver Arabs as become rude, overbearing, and noxious. Her personality fluctuates between extremes. Either she hides in the house and I don’t see or hear from her for weeks or she’s over the top, outgoing, crazy, loud and slurring her words. When she comes over to visit, I don’t know what to do. Should I speak to her husband? She’s a 15 year old daughter who told my daughter her mother is a drug and drunk and that really hurts. Nancy used to be so together. She owned her own company and love fitness, but now I’m not sure who or what she is help.

Well, she’s obviously depressed and she may be turning. Maybe she’s menopausal. I don’t know, but she’s got an issue and if she’s drinking, she’s self-medicating.

Not only drinking prescription drug.

Yeah. See what happens is a lot of times one leads to the other. You have an injury. They gave me pain pills, but other law. That’s why this country is in the states and with opiates, so you have to take. You have to take control of your own self and your own health.

I guess she has to try to find her in a lucid moment and just tell her that she’s concerned. She’s probably not gonna react well unfortunately. Um, but at least friend will feel better, you know, stating her piece and just giving her, you know, getting an offer chest say, look, I love you. You’re my friend. I think you’re going down the wrong way here. You know, and you have to set an example for your daughter too. So please try to get it together if I can do anything to help out a beer to help you, but you need to, you know, get back to who you are because this is not who you are. Right, right, right. I was, uh, influenced by Jordanna their true self, being medicated and is not being your true self. That’s masking pain and hiding

and people want to get lost and they don’t want to face it. So yeah, and she may not face it. She may not be thrilled with you even attempting to do something, but if you want to feel better about it, you know, she, her daughter, mentioned to your daughter right there, her mother’s a drug addict and a drunk. So I mean maybe you can curtail that a little bit sad, very, very sad. And today are um, tough mother moment is brought to you by starbucks.com. You got it. And what did they have to put in to get it?

So box.com forward slash. Oh Tam to get all like was it 400,000 videos, 100,000 audio, hundred 50,000 images, [inaudible] images, [inaudible] videos, hundred thousand audio pieces for 1:49 for the year,

for the year. And it’s a special offer. So jump on it now. It’s not going to last. So today’s mother says, is never based your life decisions on advice from people who don’t have to deal with the results, right? Base your life decisions on the opinions of people who don’t have to deal with the results. So we want to thank you for listening and we want to think to your honor, she was. She was just

amazing. We’re very thrilled to have her here and we’ll talk to you next week. Yeah.


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