Dear OTM,

My friend at work owns the ugliest fall coat ever. And she wears it year after year. I don’t get it. It’s old and ugly, reminds me of something a old woman with not much money would wear. I’ve tried to steer her towards a new coat by going out to kohls with her after work once but she just has no interest. Someone at work mentioned that she thought she heard that the coat actually is a sentiment of a grandparents that passed .. But she wasn’t sure if she thought of that as an excuse to explain it or if she actually heard that. Any how, it’s very unflattering on her and I don’t know if she should be told or to leave it be. I just want to be a friend.

Dear Terry,

Let it go….
The only one being effected by this grotesque garment is you!
There is an obvious reason she likes the uncomely coat and at this point who knows maybe it is to drive everyone nuts. Whatever the case she isn’t giving up her ratty rap.
If you truly want to be a friend you will accept her for who she is and honor her right to express her style whether you like it or not.
Come on Terry, hang it up and stop jabbing at her ghastly jacket it is her choice to wear it.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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