Dear OTM ,

In you opinion is it a better idea to be a full time mom or go back to work? I made the decision years ago to stay home and raise my children. I loved every second, being able to do this. But now I have regretful feelings because trying to go back in the work force is very hard. No experience, my applications are so empty and I find myself terrible at interviews . Now I think maybe a year home with your baby is great but then get back in to work. Do you agree? In these times finding work is such a competition and what do I have to fight with?

Dear Kris,

I think staying home with your children as long as you can afford to is the best possible way to raise children. The children are raised by their family not a family of daycare workers and that makes a huge difference. I know the times have changed and it takes an incredible sacrifice on so many levels to stay home but if it can be done in anyway it is the best way to raise your children. As far as getting back in the work force, work part time on the weekends when their father is home or when you can get someone to help. Working a few hours a week while you raising your children is better than completely stepping out of the work force. By working part time you will make a little extra spending money, enjoy time out with adults all while helping you stay on top of news for other jobs.
If working part time is completely out, take online classes toward a degree and volunteer somewhere you can take the children. A lot of times getting a job is not what you know but who and you have to get out there to network. Volunteering shows you are serious about making a difference by helping a cause and that you have drive to work even if you aren’t being paid.
Good luck Kris and keep trying it just takes one “yes” to get started again.

Huge Muther Hugs,

One Tough Muther

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